Friday, November 9, 2007


Its time to forget foes and feuds,
for friends are fun.....

Today SH called from office and said the Mr. WHo had invited us to their house for Puja celebrations. I am surprised. I want to go. End the feud and crazy notions that have been nurtured among any closed door discussions. This is the same individual who, I had heard did not like SH because he left the company that who worked for and joined a better company (that would not hire Mr. who, although he would love to ;o) for a better position etc etc. Through sources I knew that Mr. Who spoke and wished ill for SH. That story has circulated for some six years now. S has done really well for himself. While B has been in the same place and same position all the while.
Last year when Mr. Who's son got married we were not invited for the celebrations. And I really did not care since what ever I knew was hearsay and had never met them. But in the last few months I have met Mrs. Who, couple of times. I have been cordial. I actually like her son's wife. (we have common friends and we often bump into each other in parties ... well, well!!!!) She had come up to me as I stood with my glass of mocha cocktail. I liked her instantly. When she came to know who I was and vise versa we both were at a loss of words. Then I met Mrs. Who again during Pujas and when I addressed her she looked as if she never expected me to talk to her. Well whatever.... I am wishing everyone and she is there.... If I don't wish her, all that my dad spent on my expensive residential schooling would really be a waste. Right!
Well, so we have been invited to their house. And SH will go to their place after 6-7 yrs. That feud must be something, I say!!!
But I am happy. In this new land that we are calling home we need to socialize and make friends. How will we ever know if one is right kind of person, that we would like to associate with, if we don't give them a chance. We could gel if we give each other a chance. So there, now I am happy that they asked us and hope that something nice comes out of it.
Diwali/Kali puja is an auspicious occasion and gives us hope. So i am looking forward to make a good beginning today.