Friday, June 29, 2012

Salmon in Yellow Sauce

My boy is my image. So what if the world says that he resembles his father, vada vada... I know in my hearts heart. My boy is exactly like me. Well, almost!Ya need the proof and here it is.
Similarities :
My boy's Birthday is on 19th June, 2011 and mine is on 19th Jan, 19** see see.
My boy loves red and yellow, and I love YelloW!!
My boy loves to be pampered and I love to pamper him.
My boy is a talker and guess who else is !!
My boy loves Salmon and I love Salman... see see.
And you can blackmail him into anything if you give him salmon. 
The only time he will eat something that has not been pureed to his consistency(watery). 

Well, since we are a bengali family from Burdwan where fish is what you have, twice or maybe thrice a day. So when it comes to special celebrations serving fish, the likes of betki, pabda, hilsa, king prawns is a must. For Champ's birthday party we had an easy answer. SALMON. 
The rest of the menu for adult guests consisted of haleem, achari bhindi, butter chicken, lau chingri and so, I needed to find a salmon recipe that would go with the rest of the menu and rice.
I finally stumbled upon this recipe which I then improvised to suit a more indian platter. It came out wonderful so wonderful that I did not have the time to click pictures of the party dish. I made it again to take pictures but Dh just could not wait for me to click pictures and took large spoonfuls before I could take a look at the dish. And that is exactly how it has been for the last two weeks, during which I made this dish thrice at home.
So here is the recipe:
Salmon in Yellow sauce:
salmon fillets
Olive oil
Salt and pepper 1/2 teaspoon 
groun cumin
1 can Coconut cream
half cup milk
1 tablespoon butter 
1/4 cup chopped onion 
1 garlic clove
Large pinch saffron(optional)

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350° F. Drizzle olive oil and season each fillet with cumin, salt and pepper. Place the baking dish in the oven and bake until the salmon is cooked through (Maybe for 20-25 mins). The sauce- melt the butter. Add the onions and fry for 3 minutes. Add the garlic and cook for 1 more minute. Add the coconut milk, heavy cream, saffron, turmeric and milk. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to low and let it simmer for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally.Put the Salmon in the sauce. Simmer for couple of awesome dish is ready.It is so yum you will have this all the time. And the baby will love it too. Some other variations to this dish is adding lemon juice or adding yogurt instead of milk. Or adding coriander and finely chopped green chills.I have also made this dish with finely shredded coconut and milk. This come out much more crunchy and textures and is actually my favorite.I have made this dish in all these variations and it comes out beautifully each time. Great with white rice.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fear of being too happy!

Have you ever had the fear of being too happy? I have it. I am very scared of being too happy. I allow myself certain happiness but I have become very conscious. When I see that this is a situation where I can be carried away with happiness, I start to hold back or absolutely avoid the situation.
I was a very happy person prior to 2009. I was at my peak to say the least. I was working as a teacher, doing voluntary work, I was traveling, going to school, singing and had a vibrant social life. I had friends around me all the time and was enjoying myself so much. My weekends were about good company, good food and good fun. I was all about bellows of laughter, screams of joy and ecstasy, strings of giggles and silly grins.
Every weekend I would talk to my parents about how much fun I was having. Actually we would share notes of who was having more fun. My parents are were such a fun and happening couple. Their life was the ideal retirement life any senior couple can dream of - traveling around the country, visiting friends and family, taking trips with friends, parties, constant trains of celebrations in wonderful,very youthful (spiritually) company, when tragedy struck. In Nov'09, within 2 weeks of falling sick, my father passed away. Maybe some other day I will be able to write the whole string of events, not today.
          My life came crashing down. I was at the peak of my happy moment when I came crashing face down and hit the granite. I faced everything as I could at the moment but it is all a blur. All I remember is that I did not want to face the world anymore. I did not contact a single friend when i got back. I did not want to do anything with any living creature.
I remember meeting an ex-schoolmate's family on the Singapore Airport and did not tell them anything. I smiled and exchanged greetings everything, talked about our families and still I could not bring myself to say it. That is how I was for almost 9 months. My mother came to visit me in September I felt little better and the following month we got the good news that I was expecting. But I still remained very cautious because someone does not want me to be too happy I said. so just keep all the happy thoughts all of it all in.
I became a mother on Father's Day 2011.
It is a full year since that auspicious day of happiness. The month June has been a month of happiness and there have been times when I have forgotten caution and been really happy. Let myself feel my happy moment.
The month of June has been wonderful.

But, I am worried if this fear will ever leave me.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The need to knit!

I suddenly had this urge to start a knitting project. But then I have some unfinished knitting projects in my craft basket. I had options to choose from. I picked the sweater that I had started when Champ was 4 months old and I wanted to gift him for his 8 months anniversary. That did not happen but I think it will be done now and he will be able to wear it this fall. Pics will come soon. It's the same wool like the previous one with a beautiful petal design. Love it and I am sure you will love it too.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Thank You Note!

I was featured on Blogadda and me thinks that's very cool.

I woke up Saturday morning and as I do every morning directly went to check my inbox as if the President (of which every country you think is important) would send me a private message. And what do I see couple of comments for moderation. Wow! how does that happen. No one really cares enough to spend their precious opinion/suggestion/appreciation on my blog. But someone did. What fun!

I went about my usual saturday, which is very hectic - Shopping for gifts, Birthday parties to attend and tending of a teething baby. But at the back burner was the thought what happened. I actually did get comments, how, wow, really!!

So at almost midnight, with some free moments in hand, a very tired me discovered that I had actually been featured on Blogadda. Right here. To say the least it is very encouraging and made me extremely happy.
I think I was more happy because this post involved the joy of my life and this post comes directly from the heart with very little editing. I just did not have the energy or will to erase the rawness that came with the words. If felt good to have written after such a long hiatus from the blog and then to be recognized for that particular post made me a very happy mom.

So Thank You to the editors @ Blogadda, for this wonderful opportunity.


Teething: Imp. Events from my Current Life!!

Is there anything else, I think or do that is more important in my life at present!!
Well, then lemme just proceed pleeej!!

Yesterday turned out to be a stressful day. We had 2 birthday parties to attend today and had yet to buy the presents for the two girls. Now, I am well versed with boys and their age group specific toy preferences. I really had no idea what to select for the girls. its no secret, its been a century since I left my teen years, forget about the tweens and even less about one that was born and growing in US of A. So,  when DH got home we had chai, fed Champ a bottle and packed for a trip to Babiesrus. As we were about to reach the store we realized that Champ was sleep. Since I had already filled in DH with the days details, he thought it best to let the "ankhon ka taara" take a zzz... for a while and we take a drive and go to a store still further from home.
We reached the next one after a 30 min drive and by then it was bit late. I was looking at girl toys - dolls, doll houses, doll make up and girl makeup sets, tool play dress up sets... it was overwhelming.  Such a fun place to be. We I did not  notice that Champ was getting fidgety, then whiney and soon total cranky. We bought the toys, gift wrapped them and hurried towards the parking. A new high came in the car when he just would not settle down. He wanted to be carried around. Now that was not possible while driving.  So we just buckled him and thought that once we start the car he would be fine. his crying turned in screaming, finally shortness of breath. We had planned to dine out which was cancelled. We decided on a togo which would mean stopping the car and picking food. When we checked on him he had gagged himself to puke. it was surreal. A first for us. All of it - Crying, temper, screams, fussing to be carried, hating the car seat. all of it. we realized he had a temperature. cleaned him up, ordered and picked food and rushed home. I changed and cleaned him and decided to feed him little bit of Cerelac. He loves cerelac. And the next round of crazy firsts started. He vomitted everything out. He just refused to bite into a single morsel. He gagged and vomited till he was absolutely stomach washed and 3 changes of clothes in 10 mins. So then we gave him a hot bath that late at night and a warm bottle of milk was offered. Sitting on the lap it was gulped in few minutes. Fever reducer taken and with showers of kisses, put down to bed, finally he went to sleep in a jiffy.
Ohh! crazy of a day. Well, Champ, is teething. He has 2 nibbles jutting at the same time. This is the first time he has fever while teething as well as upset stomach. It must be so hard not able to make us understand how he feels. My cookie pie is toughing it out. But, kind of tough on us as well, because he is such a non fussy, sweetie pie that I am used to doing my stuff, while he adjusts to our weekend activities. So suddenly when this kind of event happens we are those parents who get total bonkers ourselves We are not used to seeing our baby unhappy, crying, upset. and on days he decides to be the baby, of the stories that other parents tells us about we panic.

Well, my baby has spoilt me, what to do about that now!!
A first.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy First Birthday to my First Born

Last year on 19th of June, Sunday, SH and me started on a wonderful journey of parenthood. A wonderful road full of firsts;  First time parents of this most adorable, lovable, wrinkly, soft as a petal. So pale skinned and delicate that every touch of mine left a pink mark for couple of minutes. It was such a wondrous sight for us, that we did not want to take our eyes away from you. I refused to blink because I did not want to miss a single micro second. Dear Darling Champ, that was our first father’s day with you. My gift to your father and to myself; the first time I realized, how boundless love can be. I took you in my arms and slept with you by my side, our first night together as mother and son. 19th june 2011.
The last 12 month months have been so incredible. Sometime ago, I was asked if I could tell how I spent my weekends after my marriage as a new bride and I was blank for several moments. Those years seem so far away they are non-existent. I cannot picture my life without you. Your first smile when you were only 4 weeks old. And we kept guessing whether you were gassy or actually smiling. We soon knew you were actually smiling at your mommy. And since you have given us innumerable reason to smile. You are the happiest baby. So non fussy and non demanding, we are just amazed at your temperament. It almost seems as if you are being considerate of your mommy and daddy’s schedule. You are so brave, right from the day one you showed great courage and braved all the needles and tests that we performed on you. All the blood tests and vaccines, but you would cry only for a couple of minutes and as soon as I your mommy held you and kissed you and stroked you would be brave and smile through your tears. You were such a tiny baby and you already knew, how to face tough situations and smile through the pain. 
I had promised to create monthly updates if not weekly and you are already 12 months olds. Each memory since the day you entered aur lives in as freshly imprinted within me. I will never forget a second of the love that I have felt ans feel for you. So,

My dear Son,

You have received warm wishes from friends, blessings of elders and well wishers and loads of gifts. Your mama-mami parceled your gift which is so much bigger than you. You are so fortunate, my love to be surrounded with so much love. Here is wishing you loads of love and  best wishes from your momma.

I wish you grow to become a well mannered, good human being and strive to achieve and attain your dreams. I hope you grow up to be a healthy, strong minded and  well-opinionated person who can assert himself while being sensitive to others opinion. Learn to help others without being patronizing. Learn to wipe others tears and make them smile. I hope you become just what you really want to become!


On this auspicious occasion as my Champ turns 12 months old, I thought it fitting to introduce him to everyone.
The first picture is on the occasion of moo-dikhai, that we follow in our home. Champ is wrapped in a Burberry baby blanket gifted by his father and me. the rest of the gifts came from family members who could not be with us but love and sent their blessings for Champ.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Lessons- Buchanan Baby Boy

It is Champ's First Birthday Eve and I had a post ready. All kinds of love words to express how proud I am of him and how much he had grown and learnt in this past 12 months. But, I want to share with him something special. I want to share a believe, faith and acceptance. I want to share courage of this World that can come from all spheres of this life and thus through this blog I want to share this video of a young mother and child.

This came to my knowledge through facebook sharings and like clicks. And I just cannot ignore how it makes me feel. I remember the jitters I had throughout my pregnancy days. I constantly ticked my doctor to assure me that everything was fine with my baby. I did not even like them referring my baby as fetal. My baby was breathing and feeling and kicking. I also remember putting it as much as in words that God forbid it anything came out from all those prenatal tests, I will not listen to the doctors because I can love and take care of my baby. I so clearly remember the overpowering feelings of love I had those days for my baby and any thing that had to do with a mother and child. I am so much more sensitive because I am a mother to by boy. 

SO when I come accross mothers who follow their heart and did what they thought was right for them as a family, I support them. So here's my Love to you Christian and his mom Lacey.

You are here for a purpose. To teach the World Love and Compassion.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

For my Blue Eyed baby Boy

                    When I got out of the initial surprise and excitement of news that I will be a mommy soon, I realized my baby would not have hand made and second hand dresses like most of us growing up in India did. I immediately, decided I had to do something. I did have a sewing machine but I was not adept enough to make dresses. I could make baby blankets but did not find them as exciting a project.
But I love knitting. Bay Area climate is such that you always need a sweater or shawl in the evenings. So, I decided to take up the knitting projects.
                   This cap and sweater was one of the first things that I made for Lil Champion. My Maharaj looks lovely in this set. In this pictures he was 2 months old. The set fit him till he turned 3 months old. By then mommy knit him a new set. Those pictures in due time.

The Cap with a lace border

The Sweater with a more elaborate lace border.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For You My Baby...

...As you turn 12 months,
I keep thinking what I must write about you! There is so much about you to think and talk about. Where do I start! You are the most adorable baby I have ever seen. I know, I am your momma and so maybe I am biased, but what about the strangers who keep coming up to us to have a closer look at you and talk to you. Everyone who meets you says, you are a beautiful baby. Many times people presume that you are a girl because you are such a sweetie cutie pie to look with your perfect nose, twinkling eyes and the single dimple on your cheek when you smile. And people’s opinion has nothing to do with the pinks and reds that I sometimes wrap you up in. The other adjective attached with you is "Happy" We do call you "Happy Singh" simply coz you  are always smiling and laughing and coz you love music and do your own kind of singing. You don’t talk but you sure can sing. You love to play drums on the table, over the sink, on the couch on the plastic toys. And whenever I put on music you like to jive with it, by swinging your body - it’s such an adorable sight to watch you moving with the music.
You sat up really early just before you turned 5 months. But, you were a late crawler @ 10 months. You are an army crawler and @ 12 months you still army crawl albeit in a vigorous speedy manner. It is very necessary for you to do that because you have to pick the minutest of the dirt on the floor and taste it before anyone can catch you. So I am hesitant to let you alone on the floor which means limited floor time/crawling. You can now stand with the support of the table or couch. But, if I am anywhere near you will not try to walk, or stand, even sit. you just want your momma to hold you and love you all times. So, your ever smart momma devised a very smart plan. I place the iPad on the couch put on some music and make you stand and of course you will so anything for the music and songs. But then, you have kind of taken the ownership of the iPad. So, daddy thinks it really isn’t that smart of a plan.
Hence, we named you Dollu Dacoit. This name is self explainable. You have taken over our lives and we have given it all to you happily. From the first moment that we have laid our eyes on you, you have owned us. We live for your smile, your laughter, your needs and requirements. The way you look at us and smile, the way you wrap your fingers around ours, the way you pretend to be sad and cry when we put you down on the rug or high chair, the way you actually cry when we put you in your crib, every action of yours pulls our heart’s strings. I remember what a feat we thought it was when u first started to stretched your arms to come to us. Your first smile, first sign of recognition, first time stretching over to touch a toy. We squealed with joy each time you squeal with joy. You are the Dollu Dacoit who has captured our hearts and this is exactly how we always dreamt it to be.
You have four front teeth. Two top and two bottom. And you love to chew on biscuits. But long before that it was fun to watch you act as if you are chewing. Whenever we sit for meals we make you sit on the high chair and watch us eat. I give you biscuits or small pieces of chapatti that you can nibble and its fun to watch you copy us. But, you don’t really like to copy us otherwise, every time I try to show you eyes, ears and nose you look quite bored so I have stopped it. we will reach that milestone in due time.
You have learned the joy of books though. I love to read Dr. Seuss poetry books and instead of reading them to you, your father and I read it aloud to each other and laugh. That was the trick. You have caught the reading bug. You love books and love to turn pages, quite seriously. You spend considerable time with books. We feel very proud of this fact.
And you are a boy O boy. You love cars and wheels and balls and drums. You love to eat chicken and salmon. Before this your favorite meals were broccoli, sweet potatoes and masoor dal (lentil).  Nowadays, you are fussy if it’s not chicken or Salmon. You love to go out of the house, take lap walks in the backyard and pluck lemons and apricots from the trees. You enjoyed cold coffee so much you did not want to stop. You are a water baby; this is one time you really cry when I take you out of the tub. And this is a recurring story since the day you took your first bath. You can also make us laugh real hard sometimes and we would not mind if you decide to become a stand-up comedian. We love you know that and will be proud of you always.
Baby, my Baby! I love you so much. I can’t stop talking about you because there is nothing I can think about other than you. These days I am busy planning you First Birthday party and I hope you have fun turning One!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Love Bug Story - Part I

It is June 2012 already, which means that it is Champ's Birthday Month. He completes 12 months outside my tummy. I love you baby and momma apologizes for not doing any blog posts, as she had promised herself.
But, I did keep updates on ipad notes. That will come in handy today.
My Champ was such a tiny bundle when I first laid my eyes on him, that I was worried if I touch him, I would hurt him. And boy was he eager to come out and jump into his momma’s lap. He came out crying so loud. He looked directly at me and cried out so loud, it took everyone of us in the room by surprise. Champ sounded so strong and commanding everyone in the room was excited to see and hear him. I was immediately allowed to hold him and have him all by myself for some time and I did not know how to react. I kept touching and stroking him as he gradually calmed down. It was just out of body experience for me. For Him, probably, it was much similar, because he did come out of my body!  And, now he lay on my chest. I had no idea I could feel such emotions for someone else. I knew I loved my baby a lot but to finally be able to hold and cradle him, touch him and hear him breathe in my arms was overwhelming. I did not cry and I almost did not breathe. I surely did not blink for a long time. I did not want the nurse to take him to the nursery for the first cleanup, weight and measurements or whatever they do. And once they brought Champ back to me I did not let him go out of sight. That overpowering feeling I think it is much more than love. Maybe someday soon I will be able to articulate it better, cause before today I was not able to put even these thoughts in my words as I did today. The feelings are so intense and overwhelming.
- And right from the beginning we knew you, my boy, had a distinct personality of your own. My baby boy- You have such a personality. You had a certain way you liked to sleep, be fed and be cradled in my arms. It was such a fun thing to see you adjust your body and wiggle yourself into the position that was most comfortable to you.
But then again it was most fun to watch you wiggle out of the swaddle that the nurse put you in. You were only a few hours old and you were a rebel. The nurse brought you in the room pushing your cradle and exclaimed. “Look how his hands have come out of the swaddle. And it was snug tight!” And, that is how you have always been. Non fussy, zero crying, but tweak and adjust the surrounding all by yourself. If it does not happen you would quietly adjust but then gradually keep trying till you have achieve what you want. No crying, no tantrums.
You are a rebel albeit an adorable one.And that is probably one more reason I call you Champion.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Review: Love in The time of Cholera

Wrote this review in 2008 and I really want to keep this good thing going on. Consolidating my blogs in one place hence this  finds its place here. Do send in your comments and keep the love of books and cognitive processes running. I have copied the comments left by my blog buddies here. I hope my buddies find their way back to my nook on the blogosphere. 

This is the first work that I have completed by the great Spanish author Gabriel Marquez. I wanted to read the translations of his works for so long that was turning into a legend in my life.
Can I say this is one of the best works that I have read till date?
I can say that.
It is so poetic and a difficult to keep down work, it keeps you turning pages in spite of having a languor pace. I was reading the book faster and faster to keep the pace at a double beat. Its the story of 17 year old, Florentino, who is an illegitimate child and falls in love with the daughter of a rich man with a dubious business. The object of this love, Fermina, realizes her infatuation, falls out of love and is married off to a rich, doctor named Juvenal, who turns out to be her soul mate. She is happily married for some 40 yrs before the doctor dies and is left a rich widow who is now available, to be wooed by now the affluent old flame. No pun intended!
In between, the boy who had promised to remain a virgin for his one true love sleeps with countless prostitutes, whores, desperate housewives and then ultimately turns into a pedo before he goes back to his self proclaimed one true love after 51 years of unrequited, loveless years.
The flow of the novel is perfect and effortless. It is so smooth and beautiful that in spite of all the shocking activities of the protagonist, one doesn't hate him. The writer has made sure that he remains the focus of our attention. It almost seem to me that the main protagonist is actually the writer since he has taken so much care to make the readers empathise with him in spite of all his tainted character behaviour.
The language is poetic and as one of my friends stated, " For me the first line did it--"The smell of bitter almonds reminded him of the fate of his unrequited love."
And these are my simple thoughts-
I will never deny the poetic consistency of the author. I like the author and his writing style. But I never enjoyed the story line. The male protagonist is beyond my understanding. My imagination pictured him as a non personality who gets the job because he is the only heir of his father although he is out of the wedlock. He is good at his job though does not care much about work. He is lucky to inherit his uncle's share as well because his uncles sons are dead in quick succession. And thus he gains social standing due to his profession which deals with the river and passage. It was just difficult for me to empathise with a character that sleeps with other women without remorse and then cries over his lost love. And its just kind of sad that this kind of love is being celebrated. The writing is a classic, I just did not empathise with the story and the protagonist, and to completely accept the fact that I love a work this is important.

One of my friends asked me the question when I told her I was reading, "Love in the Time of Cholera": why is the novel named so. My first reaction to that was that the first thing a good writer does for his work is, give it an intriguing title. It had sure intrigued me when I had first heard of it. The story is set at a time when the whole world was suffering, the epidemic cholera. it took more lives than the wars. The turn in the story takes place because of the cholera scare and changes the lives of the male and female protagonists. Fermina meets her husband due to the cholera scare when he was asked to treate her. And even more because the male protagonists love sickness symptoms were more of cholera than of actual love if there are any.
The background of the whole novel is the hovering shadow of cholera everywhere and since this is essentially the love story of Florentino and Fermina, it is appropriately named so.
One more thing to consider when we read works like this is to remember that they are translations. They are not the exact words of the author that we read but "somewhat the exact translation" of the Spanish original. This is the first work that I read, by "the Marquez" and I had heard so much about him since my college days that I had to complete his work.
In reality as I write this I am myself exploring many more facets of the book which cannot be done in a single post. The work is about love in its various forms, teenage obsession, infatuations, marital love and compromise, friendships and bonding. Each time one reads it probably one will find a new meaning within it. Now that there is the movie of the novel, I am sure I will go back to the literature again for a refresher.
At present I am reading another of his works " Hundred Years of Solitude" after which he received the Nobel prize in literature. I will not say much on the book right now other than that it is taking me quite an effort to concentrate with the book. But I have made a promise to finish it and so I will.
Copyright @ 2008

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Home-made Chicken Stock

My favourite shows on food network are Giada at Home and the Barefoot Contessa. I keep watching the old episodes of these cooking shows, one for I love them and secondly the show time suits my schedule. I can clean the kitchen, the living room, feed the baby, give him a massage and take him for a bath and finish with my lunch, all while Giada is demonstrating the delish relish and while Ina Garten is going back to the basics of French and American cooking.
So, when Ina kept insisting on home-made chicken stock, I just had to make it for my son. He had just turned 10 months old and I had to introduce him to non vegetarian food. Chicken stock seems the best way to introduce his palate to a non-vegetarian life. I was fully inspired to do it on my own for my son. So I took Ina’s recipe and made my own chicken stock. The recipe is here.
The lard can be removed once the chicken stock has frozen and the fat layer solidifies above the stick. The picture below is of stock out of the fridge once the lard was removed. 
The clear fat free Chicken stock, ready to be stored. 

The lard that I removed from the chicken stock after I stored it in the fridge for 24 hrs.

Fried rice prepared by the chicken stock.

I did not have to store it for too long. the chicken stock was used in boiling rice, sautee veggies, and everything one can think of. So it was wiped clean in 5 days. In my experience, it is an easy thing to do initially but the straining of the chicken can be messy if you do not have the right size of containers and devices. Example I did not have a colander  or a juicer, so I used my food processor and a strainer to separate the liquid and solids, the result was messy transfer of the products. Well, the chicken stock was yummy and I guess that's what matters.  I can still smell the aroma of the herbs, while the stock was simmering. the aroma was so decadent it could make anyone hungry anytime.
Happy Cooking!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Birthday Month is here!!

It is already 1st of June. Every time I think about it, it seems even more incredible. It is Champ’s Birth month. In another 18 days Champ will be One year old Baby Boy.
                   Last year at this time I was praying for a safe and minimum pain although natural delivery and this year I am planning a One year Birthday party for my baby boy - actually, still toying with some ideas. One thing I am sure about is that this party is meant for the Birthday boy and his friends (future buddies), not the parents. I will not disclose too many details about the party here, simply because I am not sure how much of it will be done the way I am planning for it. After all this is my first baby party. I read somewhere that the number of friends in a baby’s party is directly proportionate to his age. That would mean only one friend. I want a few more baby friends to come since, I want his party to feel like a baby party with baby laughter and that is exactly how I hope it to be. The Backyard will be the venue and will be the baby galore!
                    We bought a house this year so that our darling boy has a backyard to run around in and now we cant wait for the day when he will start to walk and run and sprint across. For now I know he does not like the grass. It is either ticklish or prickly. We don’t know yet. But it is confirmed he is in love with nature. he loves to go outside and look at the trees and birds. He loves to pluck the lemons from the garden. And two days ago he plucked the first ripe apricot. It is a joy to watch him interact with the surroundings.
                   Our boy is a talker. He loves to talk, make new sounds and sing, me thinks. Well kind of sing. He will make long ooooo and aaaaa in lovely pitch and tones. Often he will do that after a song finishes or with the music on his gym activity. This makes me think probably he is singing. So I have a budding singer I need to nurture... who is not interested in much other than army crawling, to pick the minutest of the dirt and nibble on them, race towards the cold floor at every opportunity, who loves to jump on dad's lap and lie quitely in mama's lap and maybe hum a little if mood allows. who has 4 teeth with two more ready to peak out. And who has lost interest in sweet potatoes and apples and peas now that he has tasted chicken. Yes, Yes! My darling adorable sweetie Pie, my coochicoo, poochipoo, my guppochi cuppochi, chonumonu,  my besan ke ladoo, it is your Birth Month.
Thank You My Almighty, for blessing me with the most adorable lifeline of mine.