Monday, June 15, 2009

25 Random Things About me!

Dear GoofyMumma had tagged me a life time ago but the procrastinator just wasn't able to come up with the list. But after what seems an infinity and late nights I have come up with this list. Hope you appreciate the effort cause I had to scratch myself sour to come up with the list. Phew!! But me to got to know some bits about myself. WINKS!!
So here it goes....

1. I have a habit of nonstop bickering with people close to me- my parents and SH think of me as "The Sadist" they can’t live without while friends see a funny jester who always makes them laugh. Bottom line: Don’t get close to me.

2. I love animals especially dogs, but around the Bay Area every time I approach a dog I ask the owner if he bites which sometimes annoys the owner. - Bottom line: I am annoying, not always.

3. I am a creative person and will do anything to be surrounded with anything that has to do with art, culture and creativity so music (vocal/instrumental), dancing (Indian/western), craft/needlework, writing, recitation, photography and Photo Shop, all of these are my interests - Bottom line: I am over imaginative and delusional.

4. I am generally late for appointments. - Bottom line: I don’t like waiting alone.

5. My first job was as math tutor for grade 8 even though I am scared of math. - Bottom line: I am a daring person.

6. I love reading all kinds of literature available, I love television, I love the radio and I love my I pod. - Bottom Line: I am confused about my choices.

7. Although I am a God Fearing person I am not disciplined enough to practice my puja rituals every day. - Bottom line: I have no self determination and good habits do not suit me.

8. I still have the same best friend since class four. - Bottom line: I don't take to changes easily or probably my friend is my blankie???

9. I miss my beloved doggie Zubi-Zubi very much and although he is no more with us I sometimes feel he is there with me. - Bottom Line: I just hope he knew how much he means to me.

10. My tongue sometimes does not coordinate with my brains. Bottom line: I have often said stuff that makes me bite my tongue.

11. I can listen to a favorite song the whole day, whole week, whole month till I can count each break, breathe, and every note is perfect. – Bottom Line: that’s just one example of many OCDs.

12. I don’t like people who are too formal, over familiar, talkative, who are not funny, or are hyper, who are trying too hard for don’t know what! Bottom line: I have few friends

13. I have a closet (small one) full of dresses I don’t fit into but will not part with. Bottom line: I am a greedy, selfish person.

14. I spent 10 years in a boarding school and couldn't wait to get out and once the boards exams got over I knew what I will miss all my life. - Bottom Line: I am a tube light.

15. I have had meaningful conversations with an Iguana and a turtle respectively. - Bottom line: I love animals and they are attracted to me ;-)

16. I have seen a live volcano and flew over it on a helicopter. Bottom line: It’s was such a thrilling experience I have to tell it every time I get an opportunity

17. I have a habit of only sharing good news with most of the people, the troubles and hardships are not discussed with many if any. Bottom line: Few people have access to the core.

18. I love sleeping but I don’t like going to bed early. - Bottom line: I am controversial.

19. I have married the same person twice in the same year but went for a honeymoon after two years. Bottom line: Yup, He is being punished for that at all times.

20. I am hot tempered, short tempered, temperamental, angry vicious person. Bottom line: I said he is being punished na!

21. I love playing Tetris and Sudoku online. - Bottom line: I am prone to addictions.

22. My proudest moment was when I rented my own place in CRPark, Delhi and could afford to pay all my bills. Bottom Line: I draw inspiration from those days so bear me and my repetitions.

23. During school days I was a good hockey player and was an excellent middle distance runner. – Bottom line: I love to brag about my popularity days. SIGH!

24. I love bread and butter; rice and mutton; roomali roti and kebabs; besan ka laddo and boonde ke laddu (Ritz, Lucknow) and this list could go on but…. Bottom line: I am fat.

25. I am lazy. Am I repeating myself? Well, that means it’s the most important thing you need to know about me. Bottom Line: I AM SPONTANEOUS LAZYBUM MINI!!

Not tagging anyone. You are welcome to share your thoughts though :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Perfect Saturday is...

You get up at 9am without rush; switch on the TV to watch the weekly Hindi programs. Sit and watch Shahrukh dance and ogle at John Ibrahim in New York teasers. Make some “Illaichi waali chai”. Sip it while watching Mallika Sherawat’s in “HISSSS” teasers. Between sips agree with spouse on what an awesome “cha-maker” you are and plan the day. Should you go to Costco to buy the cleaning stuff because you are out of Clorox wipes and also want some mushrooms and “palak”. Or go to the Indian grocery for “gobi” of both kinds for the coming week’s veggie quota. Don’t you need to go to the library to pick the golf DVD and also return those cords that won’t work with the laptop?

All the while thinking about the wonderful weather that’s happening outside- make use of it before it turns all temperamental once again. One of you will suggest chucking all the chores- stuff and driving to the beach. The other one will pick the good opportunity for a fight and get proactive. Will continue fighting over breakfast, washing and while getting ready (to go out some place yet a wonder). Then realize it’s too late to prepare lunch and one will suggest the Indian Vegetarian buffet thinking about the malai koftas, the other will agree promptly thinking about the yum vegetarian pizza and no hanging in the kitchen. Drive together thinking of the entire list to be taken care of, then drool over the awesome food laid in front of us.

Start with chaat papri, dahi-vadas, cold slaw and macaroni. Then move towards pav bhaji, puri-allo, pakoras and the VEG PIZZA. Then the main course consisting of chowmein, Manchurian gobi, veg pulao, malai koftas, and navratan korma. Nope, we are not done yet. Dessert consists of samplers of pastries, fruit cakes, sweet buns, cookies and gajar ka halwa.

Yes, the fight is over and the decision is made.

Content and happy you head towards the beach. To the very beach that was in news the previous day that a family of gray whales had decided to make this their home for quite some time. The weather is cooperative and the blue horizon in sight. We decide to walk on the trail instead of walking on the sand. As you walk uphill on the trail enamored by the natural garden that keeps unfolding itself- Purple, pink, yellow, white, orange wild flowers everywhere and beyond is the blue-green pacific, with the horizon clear in view. It’s a special day- you are happy being sun stroked instead of fog soaked.

And just like that you see it. Straight and clear in view, the gray whale huffing and puffing and blowing water fountains. You stand still as you take in the truth- you are watching a Gray Whale at its lunch hour. The whale breached twice in a span of 10-15min and then it became elusive, showing itself in irregular periods giving no time to capture the moment in camera. But you do not need this moment in camera this will be forever in your memory. You take the trek to the top of the hill. Sit on the ledge for a long time, and keep a watch for the gray whale to surface while you look at the lone sea lion busy with luncheon on and off.

The day, the ocean, the hills, the flowers, the town itself is perfect.

Then drive along CA-1 for a while and come back home. Have another fresh cup of “illaichi wali chai”, prepare dinner and recall and talk about the times you drove 3 hrs to see the humpback whale and her calf, drove to Point Reyes NP for some whale viewing instead saw a school of dolphins display synchronized performance. And each time just as surprised by the beauty of nature.
Gray whales are added to the list.

It is real and it is perfect.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some Thoughts...

What is this about that I miss an opportunity to get to know a new person? What makes me want to keep myself busy enough reading a camera manual just to avoid talking to a person sitting inches from me? And we are forced to share this long, long flight together sitting next to each other. We are not sleepy; we have just the flight shopping magazine to read or left to our own devices. Probably, pretend to be sleeping (it sure works). But still we will not turn to the other person and exchange a warm “HI”. I remember the last time I had to fly alone and how fun the flight was because of the stranger who sat next to me. We talked about our education, profession, and travels and felt so much richer having taken this opportunity to converse. We do not feel the need to exchange names and numbers because we feel we are better friends because of the connection we have made already nothing more is needed. Then the very next moment I am shut to the world, do not want to be a part of any group and prefer being alone all time surrounded by potential friends.

There are days when I love everyone I come across, and everyone seems to adore and compliment me on how cool and friendly I am, and then there are times when I just think that I am above everyone and everything around me. I am not sure how long I have been going through this temperamental tidal but it has been a while since I began to notice my attitude towards certain people at particular times. And don’t ask me to put labels because I do not think I will be able to list any typecasting here. It just happens.

So I wonder what is it that some people become my friends the moment we share the same space. And with some there is such discomfort that even years of circling the same contacts and sharing common friend circles we never get around to be able to carry a conversation on our own.

And the weirdest part of all this is that sometimes this may happen simultaneously. I am friendly to one and covertly hostile to another. Well, I have been on both sides of this story so I guess I may claim to understand how it may feel. Also I have seen that sometimes I don’t get along with people who may actually share more than one common interests or traits with me.

Iwonder and I wonder and some more…