Monday, March 16, 2009

Its been long but I am still here!

It’s been so long I have not posted. So followers came and then went past. Some blog friends have become good friends and some friends were reintroduced in the blog world.
Lately it seems I have been more on the update mode instead of posting blogs of my days on this precious Earth. So, I thought of taking a break.
The world is spinning at its own will- politics, religion and lust for power. I hear, I read and I comprehend. But I never got down documenting all that has been on my mind- my feelings, my sentiments.
Lost a childhood "so called friend" and in all sincerity it was a good thing.
Watched the Oscars and applauded Rahman for Roja/Bombay more than for "SD".
Watched a number of foreign movies mostly on Indie and Sundance channel and I am falling more and more in love with these movie channels.
Weekends go by partying, dance practices, shopping for our home and then working at our home.My study is shaping up beautifully.
In another week my corner of the world will be fresh and ready to rock. I will be back in the Blogland soon.
But am I even being missed, I wonder? We all know how wonderful it feels when we realize we are wanted and missed. I know, some beautiful people do think of me often.
But I love this place and I miss my blog mates, in ample!