Monday, April 20, 2009

A Chirpy causes a Roar!!

Have you noticed the way Twitter is taking the whole celebrity fan following, social do-good, media and communication to an absolute new level? I first noticed Twitter at Lekhni’s blog. I got curious but not enough to join. I was already bored with the couple of social sites I am a part of.

Then Mumbai attack happened. I was informed how Twitter was helping victims, the government, reporters in guiding and accurate real time reporting and maybe even supporting the enemy. I immediately joined twitter because the latest news releases, online broadcast information and instant transmits were announced and available. I kept awake for 2 whole nights, being a passive twitter, reading the available tweets and experienced the feeling of comradeship, being there for my fellow countrymen, it felt like suffering the ordeal along sides with my countrymen even though I was miles away.
But once Mumbai settled as she always does and the hullabaloo mellowed, people went back to their usual ways, my tweet world receded into oblivion, just as my Facebook craze paled and Orkut daily connections loosened.
But my CNN fever is a constant. I adore Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon. And they have something that I call “Twitter obsession” on their News programs. So I had to catch that bug sooner than not. They kept reporting of how McCain was using the Tweet Power to boost his politician ideologies as they used tweet communication to interact with their audiences in real time. This was sure a new way of interaction and inclusion; An oxymoron of “fun and serious” exchange of politico and moral ideas between media front and the public in Real time.

And then Ashton Kutcher took it to another level. He declared that if he reached a million followers before CNN he would donate as many mosquito nets to the malaria cause. CNN joined the race of the good cause and took up the challenge.
Well, Ashton won, Friday morning (17th April) and then Oprah joined the crazy frenzy and made it even crazier. Of course since I am on the Pacific corner of America I was not included into the East Coast real time. I went ahead and followed Oprah and she introduced me to the whole Bandwagon of Celebrities hooked to the Tweet World.
And today as I sit to watch “The View” sipping my cuppa Tea and what I hear?? Barbara Walters who does not want to feel left out of all the twittering Fun Frenzy was going to put her ever first Tweet real time from her..ahem BLACKBERRY(my red blackberry is cuter!!), on the “The View”. This is what she typed as we watched her nimble fingers go Tweet-A-Tweets “ I AM LOSING MY TWEET VIRGINITY”.
The founder was up on Oprah on Friday Live. They are San Francisco based small company of 35 which makes me wonder about their revenue sources.
Anyways, so the world is going all crazy about the tweet. I am kind of surprised about the whole whirlwind that TWITTER.COM has caused enough to blog about it and not study for the terrible test that I have tomorrow.
I am now following about a dozen of my favorites.. Tweetered Ashton and got no reply. But still gotta say it’s fun. I will next tweet Ellen and see if she replies back!! (winkies!!)
See now I am all into it.
ps- Barbara Walters misspelled virginity and had to be corrected. I thought that was funny and yup OK. It makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.