Monday, June 15, 2009

25 Random Things About me!

Dear GoofyMumma had tagged me a life time ago but the procrastinator just wasn't able to come up with the list. But after what seems an infinity and late nights I have come up with this list. Hope you appreciate the effort cause I had to scratch myself sour to come up with the list. Phew!! But me to got to know some bits about myself. WINKS!!
So here it goes....

1. I have a habit of nonstop bickering with people close to me- my parents and SH think of me as "The Sadist" they can’t live without while friends see a funny jester who always makes them laugh. Bottom line: Don’t get close to me.

2. I love animals especially dogs, but around the Bay Area every time I approach a dog I ask the owner if he bites which sometimes annoys the owner. - Bottom line: I am annoying, not always.

3. I am a creative person and will do anything to be surrounded with anything that has to do with art, culture and creativity so music (vocal/instrumental), dancing (Indian/western), craft/needlework, writing, recitation, photography and Photo Shop, all of these are my interests - Bottom line: I am over imaginative and delusional.

4. I am generally late for appointments. - Bottom line: I don’t like waiting alone.

5. My first job was as math tutor for grade 8 even though I am scared of math. - Bottom line: I am a daring person.

6. I love reading all kinds of literature available, I love television, I love the radio and I love my I pod. - Bottom Line: I am confused about my choices.

7. Although I am a God Fearing person I am not disciplined enough to practice my puja rituals every day. - Bottom line: I have no self determination and good habits do not suit me.

8. I still have the same best friend since class four. - Bottom line: I don't take to changes easily or probably my friend is my blankie???

9. I miss my beloved doggie Zubi-Zubi very much and although he is no more with us I sometimes feel he is there with me. - Bottom Line: I just hope he knew how much he means to me.

10. My tongue sometimes does not coordinate with my brains. Bottom line: I have often said stuff that makes me bite my tongue.

11. I can listen to a favorite song the whole day, whole week, whole month till I can count each break, breathe, and every note is perfect. – Bottom Line: that’s just one example of many OCDs.

12. I don’t like people who are too formal, over familiar, talkative, who are not funny, or are hyper, who are trying too hard for don’t know what! Bottom line: I have few friends

13. I have a closet (small one) full of dresses I don’t fit into but will not part with. Bottom line: I am a greedy, selfish person.

14. I spent 10 years in a boarding school and couldn't wait to get out and once the boards exams got over I knew what I will miss all my life. - Bottom Line: I am a tube light.

15. I have had meaningful conversations with an Iguana and a turtle respectively. - Bottom line: I love animals and they are attracted to me ;-)

16. I have seen a live volcano and flew over it on a helicopter. Bottom line: It’s was such a thrilling experience I have to tell it every time I get an opportunity

17. I have a habit of only sharing good news with most of the people, the troubles and hardships are not discussed with many if any. Bottom line: Few people have access to the core.

18. I love sleeping but I don’t like going to bed early. - Bottom line: I am controversial.

19. I have married the same person twice in the same year but went for a honeymoon after two years. Bottom line: Yup, He is being punished for that at all times.

20. I am hot tempered, short tempered, temperamental, angry vicious person. Bottom line: I said he is being punished na!

21. I love playing Tetris and Sudoku online. - Bottom line: I am prone to addictions.

22. My proudest moment was when I rented my own place in CRPark, Delhi and could afford to pay all my bills. Bottom Line: I draw inspiration from those days so bear me and my repetitions.

23. During school days I was a good hockey player and was an excellent middle distance runner. – Bottom line: I love to brag about my popularity days. SIGH!

24. I love bread and butter; rice and mutton; roomali roti and kebabs; besan ka laddo and boonde ke laddu (Ritz, Lucknow) and this list could go on but…. Bottom line: I am fat.

25. I am lazy. Am I repeating myself? Well, that means it’s the most important thing you need to know about me. Bottom Line: I AM SPONTANEOUS LAZYBUM MINI!!

Not tagging anyone. You are welcome to share your thoughts though :-)


Goofy Mumma said...

Lovely Mini. I like the way you have done it. And for all that you have said, i feel more familiar about you now. Hope we can continue to be friends. ;) hugs!!

Spontaneous Mini said...

Thanks friends, it was a fun(ny) therapy :-)

Piper .. said...

ha ha! excellent post! Made a fabulous fun read! I see plenty, plenty of similarities Mini!

Spontaneous Mini said...

@ Piper- Thanx and lets have adda, adda... over cosmos and margaritas..

lostonthestreet said...

One of the funniest take on that tag.:-)
Point 12 was the best

odessa said...

love your 25 things! you are too funny, i can relate to a lot of the things in your list. esp # 11 -- i am a serial monogamist when it comes to music! haha.

thanks for sharing :)

Solilo said...

Out of all the points I love point 24. Yummmm...

writerzblock said...

Wow! That was absolutely spontaneous. And do u have any afterthoughts now ;-)? Very interesting, and can I simply say: 'Ditto!!!!' :-) Enjoyed reading your blog and will be back for more.

partywithneha said...

Phew! long list... but interesting to read! and *drool* at #24!

Spontaneous Mini said...

LostontheStreet- Thanx, 12 are you in the same club?

Odessa- As a kid I used to live and dream about music :-)

Solilo- Food makes everything alright.

WritersBlock- Yup, an afterthought is what if I had just left the bottomlines up there how much would it tell of me.

PartywithNeha- Yup, Phew I know, sorry abt that.

Crafty Shines said...

hey, my comment disappeared! now let me see if i can build it verbatim!!

me loves all on th elist, me loves that i know more about u, and i love all that u are!!!

scared of math, animal lover, foodie, late - chechk check all check!!!! :D

hugs sista!!!!

Reema said...

Hey nice knowing about u! no pictures of the volcano?

D said...

Boondi ke laddoo from Ritz? Wow, I love 'em too! And what do you know - my office is a stone's throw away from the laddoos, I mean, Ritz!

colormesunshine said...

ohh i like the way you added that extra "bottom line" to the tag. and i don't like to go to bed ealry too...sometimes i find it such a waste to sleep. but when i do sleep, i love it enough to not want to wake up and out of bed!
so what's the bottom-line ;)

D said...

Hey, there's something for you on my blog!

lostonthestreet said...

My "about me "section on orkut had the exact same feelings-its eerie.I think if we meet,we will hate each other at first (keeping fingers crossed)..and then..who knows :-)

Sunita said...

Fun, fun, funny! Guess what, you sound so familiar you could've been me... except, I wouldn't dare fly over a live volcano. It's just about all I can do to fly at all ... hate the take-off, hate the landing but the in-between's okay, I guess ! :P
Oh, and here's one more for your list : you're great at taking pot-shots at yourself and making everyone laugh (with you, not at you).

odessa said...

hi there!
just dropping by to see if you posted anything new. hope all is well with you :)

roopscoop said...

oye kithey ho ji?!

Antique ART Garden said...

Very funny , I can get pretty OCD myself...alot. take care, Gina

Anonymous said...

Interesting one !!!