Saturday, May 12, 2012

Good to be Back

Feels great to be back on the blogging block.
I have been contemplating this move for so long that its ridiculous, but non the less made the move and here I am. After 3 yrs of a very long sabbatical I am back. Life has taken new turns during these past 36 months -some mundane, some beautiful and some sad ones and all memorable.
First the happy notes - I have a 10 month old, beautiful bonny boy who makes me feel like I am the most loved  and 24 hrs on demand and well loved person on this earth. Every time I look at him I am guaranteed a beautiful bright  toothless currently, 3 teeth smile.
Well, more about Champ, me and my world in following post.
I cant wait to keep this thing going and super hot.
Leaving you guys with a wonderful image to look at.
 One of the Bouquets we recieved when Champ was born.

Love to all.


Reema said...

hey welcome back! hope life has been good! congrats on becoming a mother!

Manish Raj said...

Good to see you back Mini.. read about the changes in your life.. God bless you.. wish you all happy moments of motherhood.. keep clicking..and blogging ..

Best Wishes