Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Thank You Note!

I was featured on Blogadda and me thinks that's very cool.

I woke up Saturday morning and as I do every morning directly went to check my inbox as if the President (of which every country you think is important) would send me a private message. And what do I see couple of comments for moderation. Wow! how does that happen. No one really cares enough to spend their precious opinion/suggestion/appreciation on my blog. But someone did. What fun!

I went about my usual saturday, which is very hectic - Shopping for gifts, Birthday parties to attend and tending of a teething baby. But at the back burner was the thought what happened. I actually did get comments, how, wow, really!!

So at almost midnight, with some free moments in hand, a very tired me discovered that I had actually been featured on Blogadda. Right here. To say the least it is very encouraging and made me extremely happy.
I think I was more happy because this post involved the joy of my life and this post comes directly from the heart with very little editing. I just did not have the energy or will to erase the rawness that came with the words. If felt good to have written after such a long hiatus from the blog and then to be recognized for that particular post made me a very happy mom.

So Thank You to the editors @ Blogadda, for this wonderful opportunity.


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BlogAdda said...

You deserved it! We enjoyed reading the post and are glad that you liked that we featured! :)