Sunday, June 24, 2012

Teething: Imp. Events from my Current Life!!

Is there anything else, I think or do that is more important in my life at present!!
Well, then lemme just proceed pleeej!!

Yesterday turned out to be a stressful day. We had 2 birthday parties to attend today and had yet to buy the presents for the two girls. Now, I am well versed with boys and their age group specific toy preferences. I really had no idea what to select for the girls. its no secret, its been a century since I left my teen years, forget about the tweens and even less about one that was born and growing in US of A. So,  when DH got home we had chai, fed Champ a bottle and packed for a trip to Babiesrus. As we were about to reach the store we realized that Champ was sleep. Since I had already filled in DH with the days details, he thought it best to let the "ankhon ka taara" take a zzz... for a while and we take a drive and go to a store still further from home.
We reached the next one after a 30 min drive and by then it was bit late. I was looking at girl toys - dolls, doll houses, doll make up and girl makeup sets, tool play dress up sets... it was overwhelming.  Such a fun place to be. We I did not  notice that Champ was getting fidgety, then whiney and soon total cranky. We bought the toys, gift wrapped them and hurried towards the parking. A new high came in the car when he just would not settle down. He wanted to be carried around. Now that was not possible while driving.  So we just buckled him and thought that once we start the car he would be fine. his crying turned in screaming, finally shortness of breath. We had planned to dine out which was cancelled. We decided on a togo which would mean stopping the car and picking food. When we checked on him he had gagged himself to puke. it was surreal. A first for us. All of it - Crying, temper, screams, fussing to be carried, hating the car seat. all of it. we realized he had a temperature. cleaned him up, ordered and picked food and rushed home. I changed and cleaned him and decided to feed him little bit of Cerelac. He loves cerelac. And the next round of crazy firsts started. He vomitted everything out. He just refused to bite into a single morsel. He gagged and vomited till he was absolutely stomach washed and 3 changes of clothes in 10 mins. So then we gave him a hot bath that late at night and a warm bottle of milk was offered. Sitting on the lap it was gulped in few minutes. Fever reducer taken and with showers of kisses, put down to bed, finally he went to sleep in a jiffy.
Ohh! crazy of a day. Well, Champ, is teething. He has 2 nibbles jutting at the same time. This is the first time he has fever while teething as well as upset stomach. It must be so hard not able to make us understand how he feels. My cookie pie is toughing it out. But, kind of tough on us as well, because he is such a non fussy, sweetie pie that I am used to doing my stuff, while he adjusts to our weekend activities. So suddenly when this kind of event happens we are those parents who get total bonkers ourselves We are not used to seeing our baby unhappy, crying, upset. and on days he decides to be the baby, of the stories that other parents tells us about we panic.

Well, my baby has spoilt me, what to do about that now!!
A first.

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