Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy First Birthday to my First Born

Last year on 19th of June, Sunday, SH and me started on a wonderful journey of parenthood. A wonderful road full of firsts;  First time parents of this most adorable, lovable, wrinkly, soft as a petal. So pale skinned and delicate that every touch of mine left a pink mark for couple of minutes. It was such a wondrous sight for us, that we did not want to take our eyes away from you. I refused to blink because I did not want to miss a single micro second. Dear Darling Champ, that was our first father’s day with you. My gift to your father and to myself; the first time I realized, how boundless love can be. I took you in my arms and slept with you by my side, our first night together as mother and son. 19th june 2011.
The last 12 month months have been so incredible. Sometime ago, I was asked if I could tell how I spent my weekends after my marriage as a new bride and I was blank for several moments. Those years seem so far away they are non-existent. I cannot picture my life without you. Your first smile when you were only 4 weeks old. And we kept guessing whether you were gassy or actually smiling. We soon knew you were actually smiling at your mommy. And since you have given us innumerable reason to smile. You are the happiest baby. So non fussy and non demanding, we are just amazed at your temperament. It almost seems as if you are being considerate of your mommy and daddy’s schedule. You are so brave, right from the day one you showed great courage and braved all the needles and tests that we performed on you. All the blood tests and vaccines, but you would cry only for a couple of minutes and as soon as I your mommy held you and kissed you and stroked you would be brave and smile through your tears. You were such a tiny baby and you already knew, how to face tough situations and smile through the pain. 
I had promised to create monthly updates if not weekly and you are already 12 months olds. Each memory since the day you entered aur lives in as freshly imprinted within me. I will never forget a second of the love that I have felt ans feel for you. So,

My dear Son,

You have received warm wishes from friends, blessings of elders and well wishers and loads of gifts. Your mama-mami parceled your gift which is so much bigger than you. You are so fortunate, my love to be surrounded with so much love. Here is wishing you loads of love and  best wishes from your momma.

I wish you grow to become a well mannered, good human being and strive to achieve and attain your dreams. I hope you grow up to be a healthy, strong minded and  well-opinionated person who can assert himself while being sensitive to others opinion. Learn to help others without being patronizing. Learn to wipe others tears and make them smile. I hope you become just what you really want to become!


On this auspicious occasion as my Champ turns 12 months old, I thought it fitting to introduce him to everyone.
The first picture is on the occasion of moo-dikhai, that we follow in our home. Champ is wrapped in a Burberry baby blanket gifted by his father and me. the rest of the gifts came from family members who could not be with us but love and sent their blessings for Champ.

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Manish Raj said...

This is so lovely and so touching.. imagine your son reading it after 20+ .. he will always love you for this one..

I believe it is such a great idea.. HDWK also writes such posts.. great thought Mini.. keep it on.

And yes belated happy birthday to the little champ !!