Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Lessons- Buchanan Baby Boy

It is Champ's First Birthday Eve and I had a post ready. All kinds of love words to express how proud I am of him and how much he had grown and learnt in this past 12 months. But, I want to share with him something special. I want to share a believe, faith and acceptance. I want to share courage of this World that can come from all spheres of this life and thus through this blog I want to share this video of a young mother and child.

This came to my knowledge through facebook sharings and like clicks. And I just cannot ignore how it makes me feel. I remember the jitters I had throughout my pregnancy days. I constantly ticked my doctor to assure me that everything was fine with my baby. I did not even like them referring my baby as fetal. My baby was breathing and feeling and kicking. I also remember putting it as much as in words that God forbid it anything came out from all those prenatal tests, I will not listen to the doctors because I can love and take care of my baby. I so clearly remember the overpowering feelings of love I had those days for my baby and any thing that had to do with a mother and child. I am so much more sensitive because I am a mother to by boy. 

SO when I come accross mothers who follow their heart and did what they thought was right for them as a family, I support them. So here's my Love to you Christian and his mom Lacey.

You are here for a purpose. To teach the World Love and Compassion.


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