Thursday, June 14, 2012

For my Blue Eyed baby Boy

                    When I got out of the initial surprise and excitement of news that I will be a mommy soon, I realized my baby would not have hand made and second hand dresses like most of us growing up in India did. I immediately, decided I had to do something. I did have a sewing machine but I was not adept enough to make dresses. I could make baby blankets but did not find them as exciting a project.
But I love knitting. Bay Area climate is such that you always need a sweater or shawl in the evenings. So, I decided to take up the knitting projects.
                   This cap and sweater was one of the first things that I made for Lil Champion. My Maharaj looks lovely in this set. In this pictures he was 2 months old. The set fit him till he turned 3 months old. By then mommy knit him a new set. Those pictures in due time.

The Cap with a lace border

The Sweater with a more elaborate lace border.

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Manish Raj said...

he he he.. all the best for new project :)