Friday, June 8, 2012

My Love Bug Story - Part I

It is June 2012 already, which means that it is Champ's Birthday Month. He completes 12 months outside my tummy. I love you baby and momma apologizes for not doing any blog posts, as she had promised herself.
But, I did keep updates on ipad notes. That will come in handy today.
My Champ was such a tiny bundle when I first laid my eyes on him, that I was worried if I touch him, I would hurt him. And boy was he eager to come out and jump into his momma’s lap. He came out crying so loud. He looked directly at me and cried out so loud, it took everyone of us in the room by surprise. Champ sounded so strong and commanding everyone in the room was excited to see and hear him. I was immediately allowed to hold him and have him all by myself for some time and I did not know how to react. I kept touching and stroking him as he gradually calmed down. It was just out of body experience for me. For Him, probably, it was much similar, because he did come out of my body!  And, now he lay on my chest. I had no idea I could feel such emotions for someone else. I knew I loved my baby a lot but to finally be able to hold and cradle him, touch him and hear him breathe in my arms was overwhelming. I did not cry and I almost did not breathe. I surely did not blink for a long time. I did not want the nurse to take him to the nursery for the first cleanup, weight and measurements or whatever they do. And once they brought Champ back to me I did not let him go out of sight. That overpowering feeling I think it is much more than love. Maybe someday soon I will be able to articulate it better, cause before today I was not able to put even these thoughts in my words as I did today. The feelings are so intense and overwhelming.
- And right from the beginning we knew you, my boy, had a distinct personality of your own. My baby boy- You have such a personality. You had a certain way you liked to sleep, be fed and be cradled in my arms. It was such a fun thing to see you adjust your body and wiggle yourself into the position that was most comfortable to you.
But then again it was most fun to watch you wiggle out of the swaddle that the nurse put you in. You were only a few hours old and you were a rebel. The nurse brought you in the room pushing your cradle and exclaimed. “Look how his hands have come out of the swaddle. And it was snug tight!” And, that is how you have always been. Non fussy, zero crying, but tweak and adjust the surrounding all by yourself. If it does not happen you would quietly adjust but then gradually keep trying till you have achieve what you want. No crying, no tantrums.
You are a rebel albeit an adorable one.And that is probably one more reason I call you Champion.

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