Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sun and sand time...

The weather has been wonderful and warm in the bay area for quite sometime. We have a break of a week before SH starts with his summer semester. So today we planned a day at the beach before SH starts with his classes once again and before the typical Bay weather messes with our weekend plans. So today we took off towards the beach. It was a clear blue sky day and there was not a single cloud on the horizon. A perfect opportunity to use our new beach umbrella. The temperature was at its peak but it was breezy. Loaded with cool drinks, beach handy food, sun block, shades and ever important camera we drove to our favourite sand spot.

Our favorite beach is a tiny patch of sand sandwiched between a cliff and the sea. The only way to get there is a steep and narrow wooden steps which can be destroyed by the mighty Pacific any day as I have witnessed many times over here along the California coast. In reality it may be defined as a cove instead of a beach. Since it was so breezy the waves were bigger than usual and the small beach looked smaller than usual to the two of us. in fact the waves were so wild today that they were coming right till the wooden steps. We had to pick our sandals in our hands along with the all the stuff we already had our hands full with and then make a run towards the beach cove across the rocks trying to dodge the waves trying to drench us. once we were safe on the other side we went right at the back against the cliff and spread our beach towels, set the umbrella and took in the panoramic view.

In spite of the breeze and the high waves, the place was bustling with sun and sand lovers and surfers. The mast were flowing high on the yachts. It was a pretty sight against the blue Pacific and clear blue sky. The sight of surfers waiting for the next best wave to surf ride over it against the huge yacht against the background is lovely to look at. The dogs swimming against the wave currents to catch the ball was a fun sight. And the young kids dressed for their first surf lessons was touching to watch.

I had my current read with me but I was never able to go more than 10 pages. I did not want to miss any activity that was going around me as I lazed in the sun. The kids building sand castles, the playful dogs all drenched, the surf boards and the sea gulls busy fishing was exciting to watch.
Here are some pictures which say more than words. We left in the evening promising ourselves that we will do this more often.

My favorite pic has been uploaded here.

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