Monday, June 23, 2008

A whole day of ironing and lesson on saving gas.....

... I also got the time to smell summer blossoms.

SH surprised me by taking a break right after the weekend and worked from home. So I surprised him by organising his wardrobe and ironed his laundry. It was my day's work. I ironed everything and that includes the night pajamas and all. In the process I became an expert in this art and realized its not that bad. I like ironing, I guess!!
I read on someones blog that she is happy when she washes utensils and scrubs the floor. Ironing sounds so much better than that form of happiness.

Can you believe those Piles and then there is more!!

I got some time to sit on my veranda in the afternoon under the shade of the old pine and look at the pretty view. It was bright and warm today and the flowers are in full bloom. California is officially going through drought period and water warnings have been summoned. At least that is not affecting the blooms here. The grass is dry on the hills and the Lexington reservoir is as dry as chapped skin. Worrisome. I hope winters bring some monsoons here.

In the evening, I got to drive the green car. Yesterday, SH drove and the consumption on the car screen read 99.9miles/gallon* . It was such a kick watching it. Some miracle, it was that we have never seen before. Keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen more often. The gas is running at $4.56 right now. And our bill for last month was $120. The month before it was much below $100. With 2 cars and SH covering around 60miles per day. It was quite a feat.
But, 99.9 was just a dream. Too bad that we drove just a few miles on that rate.

Today, when I drove, I brought down the average real bad. straight down to 49/gallon. That's when SH told me its all about the toe. I must put my whole foot on the accelerator for balanced weight, instead of the toe. I think it works because the car did react towards the positive direction(is there a pun?). Also, I observed the car is very touchy. She does not like to be handled roughly. You have to be gentle with her while pressing the brake or accelerate. She listens better and thus reacts better. Once I got the hang of it, I was able to get up to 53/gallon.

Nay, not 99.9 yet.

But, lesson learnt: Patience and Politeness, saves gas!!

* I am not talking about the Freeway though. This is only within the city roads.

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