Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th July - A Late Update

After almost 2 weeks of serious work n studying and 1 week of research work, almost to the brink of torture. I don't even want to see myself near a laptop for a while. But, I wanted to write about the 4th July fire works as well as the baseball game in the next post.
SH was quite intent on going to San Jose for the fireworks this year. For the last three years we had seen the ones in Mtn View, Foster City, and Tahoe. Each of them is just as special because all of them were on the lake and completely dark everywhere. The Tahoe Lake one was magical because we sat on the beach and buried ourselves to escape the cold zipped up in one jacket. Don't know how we did that but we wont be able to complete that feat now. And so that moment is frozen in memory.
This year we wanted to go to SFO, but then we felt lazy and decided to take the train to SJ downtown. The train trip itself was fun since this was the first time we took this route. We passed through every imaginable Silicon Valley company. The SJ crowd was mixed very diffrent from the usual crowds that I have encountered till now. Had a potential mob attitude as was reflective with a lot of Illigal fireworks.
Here are some pics from the trip.

NASA, Mtn View

A fraction of the fact
Reflective Sparks

Fiery and Fabulous
The video clips are here, here, and here of the fireworks.

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