Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Temper tempests, marital blizzards and sweet moonlights

I love spices, all sorts of spices. But I seem to have a distinct talent for hot spices. I know, I am more known for my sweet tooth, gulab jamuns and tiramisus. But, then the kind of spice I, refer of here is the spice for life. I am short tempered, quick tempered or hot tempered. Whichever, is you preferred term to express it. There are not many who have had the (mis)fortune to witness my chilli hot tempers. Most people, friends and acquaintances are just imprecisely aware of my shears sharp tongue. Growing up my relatives would openly gossip about my quick wit, sharp tongue, dry humor, and fiery temper.

During, courting period, I would narrate to SH different episodes from my life (and my family) and the general family gossips about me. I did that just to make SH run from me. On the contrary, he found it endearing, which made me think of him as “A Brave Heart” and soon we were married. That is when the reality begins. He realized that all the episodes that he was listening and found so endearing, are now gradually becoming the part of his daily life.
We argue, get upset with each other and soon all is well. I mean, just like that. I get angry and the very next moment, I go to him absolutely oblivious that a moment ago I was determined never to talk to him let alone seek for acknowledgment. That was the routine until a week ago. Both of have been aware that we our argument frequency was at a rise. We have been bit stressed on that issue. I forget the reasons of why we have fought but never forget that we fought and were bitter towards each other. The rise in the number of such heart aches has been a concern, to both of us. But, can I help it? Just like the last one, this came one after the other.

I had organized a barbecue picnic with my friends we made plans the whole week, decided the menu and venue. All us girls we quite excited since its rarely that we get to meet nowadays. But one of my friends baby was unwell so we postponed it by a week. But middle of the week we had to cancel it because of SH’s extra class. I was already upset because this wasn’t the first time we had to cancel a get together. But this had been organized by me which made it personal. I was upset. Though grumpy I let it be. I reminded, he is trying his best to manage, work, MBA classes, the school work load as well as ME. Can I complain of ignorance? That was to be answered soon.

On Friday SH got home and we were having tea. I was my usual animated talkative self. I had made dhoklas for tea and was eager to tell him about the informational health book that I had got from the library on health. A few months ago we got the health scare of my hormonal disbalance caused primarily by my thyroid problems. Now, I could place my sudden weight issues, mood swings and alternate periods of vigor and fatigue. I have been looking for alternatives for medicines hence my interest in natural remedies and my eagerness to share it with the only person I have really talked to in the last three years. So, pardon my ruinous reaction when in the middle of my sentence I see him take an official call. That level of (lack) interest was so unexpected, it got to me, I shocked my own self by my (over) reaction but there was no looking back. There was no big fight, only because we had just got out of one some time ago. I made this issue a continuation of the one we had just resolved and the cold war began which lasted the whole weekend and bit more. So, the weekend consisted of no barbecue, no vacation shopping but ample time to finish Barbara Walters “Audition” which was some 578 pages of summary of the real autobiography. I loved reading the autobiography and missing someone a lot.

But, that’s the whole idea of fights and cold wars. When we reconcile, things look better than ever (at least for a few days). And you also learn something new about the Important One. Sometimes its pastries, sometimes tiramisu and this time it was a thorough cleaning of my grand old car. Quite a cute act which brought a smile and reminded me of the “Sangam” song “sab laye phool Buddha (actually a self proclaimed kid forever) gobi leke aa haya”.

Right now, all is fighting fit with wondrous excitement in my “serene abode”.

God, I pray please keep us this way.

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Jerry said...

hey DD... it took me a while looking for the comment link!! cared n bared...!! what thingy!!!

anyways, lovely piece this... cud not finish reading the above one... but pics r lovely...

bu this one is really touching