Friday, August 15, 2008

15th Aug: Indian Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

The Independence Day is the celebration of freedom of colonized India from the British Raj. For some it means partition of Indian and painful separation. But for most Indian patriots, its the celebration of the birth of independent India, our motherland. This yearr she turns 62 years old vibrant and glorious. Independence literaly means, freedom, "Swarajya", end of colonization, suppresion and so on.
But it has one more meaning for me. 14th Aug 2004, late night I bid farewell to my parents and friends and on 15th midnight boarded the international flight which flew me across the Pacific. Early morning of 15th Aug I landed in San Francisco. The song Freedom playing wildly on my mind.
"Give me Freedom... so I can Live... Freedom so I can Give".
Four years away from my beloved family, precious friends and beautiful homeland. The day has come to mean so much more important and different.
Our personal life experiences give the most revered and celebrated occasion such personal meanings for each of us. Independence and freedom means to let our dreams take wings and fly us to beautiful far lands but never forget the route back home where our life’s true essence thrives.


odessa said...

oh, what a memorable day indeed! and how fitting that it was "independence day" - yours and your country's.

and you know what, i just realized that i left *almost* exactly a year before you did - august 12, 2003. its been 5 years for me. isn't it amazing where life takes us? :)

Spontaneous Mini said...

Indeed, when I was in college I kept dreaming to studying in US, now I keep thinking of moving back in home :-)

Som said...

mmmm.......yes, come home dd! I would also move back......then we would fight again :D....and after that would cry on each other's shoulders like old days:P