Monday, December 29, 2008

The Road to Peace is a Bumpy One!

This picture is taken on a traffic stop. Just as I was ready to click, the lights turned to green and this is the result. I did not get a second chance. Do we get or give a second chance to peace and friendship? I was on a most wonderful holiday trip, but the mind has its own way to make you brood.. even during moments of absolute contentment, breath taking sunsets, scenic drives, soothing coffee sips, sufiana / Bengali songs. The mind will wander off….


A day before Xmas, I read a random post and commented (comment no.8) on an impulse. I read the comment response during Xmas break. I laughed it off as a sadistic stunt. Mostly I stay away from unhappy, malign rants. This time, I did respond and got ditched.
So I did some analysis for myself. The incident has no importance but I had to document so that I learn from my actions. The questions I posed to myself and the brainstorming follows-

Why I had to post a comment?
What Jagjit Singh said against the Pakistani singers is irresponsible but the post retaliation seems rather harsh. The language seemed so harsh, rude and ugly that I felt bad for JS even though I do not agree with his actions. The title and the content was just too violent for a Christmas Eve day. Personally, I am so happy and content in my current state. Just wanted to put a friendly word to forgive and forget. I saw too much of negative energy and ignored the call for individual freedom of expression.
I should have stayed away.
The comment response
It was meant to be hurtful and upset. Just because someone does not agree with your views does not require you to snub them. Freedom of speech is an act of responsibility and need not be practiced by only famous people. Being a nameless nobody does not mean one can act up as foolish juveniles.

My stand –
We can have differences of opinion without being hateful. It is a weak argument when people say that if he can talk like that why can’t I, because that is when Peace becomes extinct. Violence cannot be curtailed by more violence. I feel sorry for folks who lack the sensitivity and compassion to understand situations that do not support them. I successfully practiced it in this situation. I sent good wishes, pleasantries and humor their way (comment no.16). I will also practice forgiveness but never to forget because I need to remember and stay away from negative attitudes.
So enough about that blather, a passé.
A wildflower near Lake Casitas, Ventura. Braving the adverse weather.


The year is winding up with wonderful personal memories for me. I have many happy memoirs to share, and infinite special ones to dream about. I had a great Xmas time, with scrumptious brunches and delectable Danish desserts….. freezing but fulfilling hikes and long scenic drives.

And, I see beautiful rainbows on every corner.
Looking forward to a Wonderful New Year filled with Happiness and Good Fortunes!


Goofy Mumma said...

Hey, happy to see ending on a happy note. That's great. keep smiling and shining. :)

Indian Home Maker said...

The rhyme above always makes me smile :)

It's time for the new year,
Let's spread some good cheer
I hope if we continue to disagree
On issues like Astrology
But I hope we agree,
That Menaka Gandhi
Is the best thing to have happened to BJP :)
Do you have any clue?
How important is your view?
Your being kind and fair?
Your human values!
Your disagreements are precious too,
Because that's what makes me Me, and you YOU :)

Happy New Year :)
Love, IHM

Piper .. said...

you know, i read the same post and wanted to comment as well. But decided against it, for fear of public bashing. I admire you for having the guts to speak your mind out.