Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I get Bherry Atyachaar-d, before I get rational!

There must be infinite things that get me fuming, make me angry, spike me mad.
My emotional atyachaar can be of quite an echelon. I can let it go to such heights that my stress level can break all mercury levels. And thus I have tutored myself into some personal version of rationality, which includes empathizing with the culprit, ignoring the act/fault-person and imagine they no more walk on this earth. And smiling (read grinning ear to ear)helps when nothing goes ones way.
Also I count my lucky stars (10, 20, 30.. 100, 1000.. so on...) that I am not like the person who irks me!!
IHM tagged me to come out with my set of emotional Atyachaar and I am prompt to act on it(3weeks down).
I agree with all that IHM has to say about her “atyachaar list”… in an effort not to repeat I came up with my list with incidental emotions that have made me evaluate myself.

1. People who are constantly hypercritical about others. I sincerely think they don’t give themselves enough time each day and probably need to meditate on themselves rather than nitpick on others. Oh!! They have opinion and advice for everyone but self. Dare anyone do a wrong and they are eager to reprimand with tight slaps and harsh language because they have the copyright to be rude, ill-manners, being judgmental hypercritical and everything gone wrong.

2. I hate eve teasers and perverts who will blame the victim for being beautiful, sexy or simply a woman who actually forced the teaser to eve tease the victim. Really loser!! Do you ever think for a second what the women in your family are going through on a daily basis?

3. I am quite peeved with this thing of always being politically correct. Why should everybody get so touchy all of a sudden? I would prefer people who will speak the truth so that I know whom I am relating myself with. Its far more dangerous if I have to associate with people who believe one and speak another. And so I ask, where do I practice my freedom of speech?

4. I love animals: I can’t understand how people can mistreat, torture and ignore them. I will also never understand people who don’t like animals and pets and that includes my SH too.Birds must not be kept in cages, hamsters and guinea pigs teach kids to be responsible and kind, cows and deer have the most beautiful eyes, the best music is made by whales, dolphins are genius beings, and I will give every wink of sleep and every mouthful for a pup in distress.

5. It beats me to understand people who are sweet on my face and bitch like, that’s what they were born to do in life. These characters make me extremely angry because such kinds have cost me potential relationships, but I feel sorry for them because they need some serious psychiatric help instead are roaming unattended. But that’s where the next point comes.

6. I dislike free advise because most of the time I perceive it as being nosey. If I don’t see you as a family stay out of my family decision. Being a friend and being taken for granted are two separate concepts.

7. I don’t get jealousy, so deal with it. I care a hoot if you have gold plated bathroom fixtures or platinum toilet seats when you plan to do some serious community service and help some needy I will truly understand how invaluable you are.

8. I will never understand wars, executions, violence, robbing helpless people, burglary, rivalry killings, honor killings (what’s so gallant this), wife battery, flogging to retain family respect.- this list has much more to add….

9. I don’t like show offs. Oh Gosh! This one is a never ending list. School friends have turned rivals here. Whose husband earns more, what position they work, how big a house do we have, what signature brands one uses. It’s really sick. Well I don’t really mind them doing it till they start asking me questions.

10. Women not being respected in the society. Women being used as an object, a commodity- used as a mode to take revenge against family, clan, country. Women who is treated as a nobdy then becomes responsible of the family honor, society, clan and so on. Ghar ki izzat, Khandaan ki izzat, honor killing, honor rape, rape as a war weapon, trophy, a cattle who can be sold to feed the rest of her loving family.

11. Racism Vs Casteism Vs Religions Vs Regionism Vs Communism Vs gender bias Vs Sexual orientation Vs Immigrant cultures Vs “what is the melting pot”, Should I go on??? Also this ongoing thing about Indian and Amreeka for me gets to me. Please people I love where I live and this is my home. So don’t ask me if I miss India. I have grown up in a residential school all my life. So I am used to being homesick even in the happiest of times. It will be difficult for people who have not experience a hostel life to understand where my comparison comes. Nothing more to say here (maybe another post in another time)

12. Wrestling, boxing, animal fights in the rings. I sincerely want them to be banned. It’s plain torture for me even to think that people enjoy and pay to watch these events.
Long list, sorry folks. So here is a pic MiNi Louuus and hope you do too Coz this one is for all of you.

The Angel in my house.
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Crafty Shines said...

Quite a list and i violently agree with almost all!!!

pt 4 - oh come gimme hugs u animal lovin sista!!!

politically correct...hmmm, whatdya think of sugar coated? i prefer sugar coated, sometimes i find it easier than being blunt when the oppo person's feelings are concerned....politically correct is for sissie!
me hates show offs too :( its so true, about friends getting married and then getting all gleamy eyed about who's better off...sigh!

i lost all my favs stored at my work PC, and lost ur link too :| got u at IHM's!!!

no such thing will happen again, coz added u to blogroll! hugs! :D

Spontaneous Mini said...

Oh Thanks Crafty!
I know... I too thought it was quite intense but then I rarely give myself time to think over the neagatives that upset me. And when I did I realized I have some very intense opinions myself.
Thanks for all the appreciation :-)

eve's lungs said...

Thanks - will do :) Where dyou vanish from time to time ?

Spontaneous Mini said...

Hey Eve!

I keep vanishing!! Tai na!
Tomaye Pore bolbo.

Indian Home Maker said...

I was first to leave a comment here :(!! I had said that I found this line most moving..."and I will give every wink of sleep and every mouthful for a pup in distress." And I agree with and share strongly nearly all your emotional atyachaars...Cruelty to animals is inexcusable, it shows how low we can stoop when we hurt someone who cannot defend themselves.

I fear and hate violence, injustice, cruelty and even mental abuse (criticising or disrespecting or by putting another person down). And I am really saddened too when women compete with women instead of providing often much needed emotional support...(your point 9 shows over what trivial things!)...

Very well written list Mini :)

PS My comment might have gone in the spam...?

D said...

I like how this tag is tagged Emosional Atyachar :)

And all those things you listed are quite an atyachar, I agree.

Btw, love the pic!

eve's lungs said...

Mail me .. :)

Harish Krishnan said...

What a post!! Glad that IHM tagged you. Each and every point you have mentioned speaks a lot about what kind of person you are. Woman need to be respected and you were bang on when you said that perverts need to realize that they have women in their family as well. "Animals', the way you have described each of their qualities is amazing, the music of whales is one thing which I too want to experience. Loved every word of your post. Cheers

Spontaneous Mini said...

Thanks Harish,
Your comment is very encouraging...
check this for some relaxing time :-)

Reflections said...

I'm sorry I took this long to post a comment...all ur points are superb & esp the 2nd one on which I cd go on & on. Rapist are the worst...I always thinks tht the law shd just cut 'it' off as punishment. I'm sure then every man will think twice about even eve-teasing a woman again;-/.

Apart from tht I just love the pic:-)).

Will do the tag soon:-))!!!!!!

roop said...

oh gosh ... i feel like i post on this every day lately. :{{ how u doin, sm!!

Piper .. said...

heyyy just dropped in to say hello and that I`m back. Shall go through the archives later. How have you been?