Saturday, March 1, 2008

I have always have this urge to pen down my sentiments when I feel deluged under my emotions. In the past couple of years my life has changed drastically : From being a Graduate student one day, to a college lecturer, and again back to being an international graduate student, to my current status as a married house wife, and constantly being asked if I plan to join the work force. The last five years have been like an awesome roller coaster ride, that I have enjoyed immensely. I had a wonderful envious life being revered by students, a couple of years younger to me following me constantly to know how I had landed such a prestigious post so early in my career. Even in the comfort of the job, I wanted to pursue my higher studies in America. I took my GRE and TOEFL as I searched for universities that met my educational needs. During my stay in JNU as a Masters student of English I took interest in Immigrants Culture. SFSU was an excellent choice because it has one of the best faculties in Ethnic and Asian American Studies that concentrates on the lives of Asian Immigrants. Since my course was inter- disciplinary I was able to take course from other departments, namely, Women Studies, Anthropology and Sociology. The whole experience was enlightening for me since I was able to compare my experiences as a student in JNU, as a lecturer in Delhi University and as a Graduate International student. Reading academic books and writing weekly book reports was as staple as breathing. And then I meet “S” and all that I had mapped for myself took a back seat for a while, or at least that's what I believed it to be. But things happened with such speed since then: I graduated with my second Masters degree last summer and completed two years of marital bliss. While “S” received an American passport, I received my driver's licence and green-car.

And as I settle down in my new role as a housewife, I intend to chronicle my daily happenings that catch my attention and trigger my thoughts. Writing has always been an outlet for my sentiments but to be a part of the internet gives my personal journal a whole new dimension. The internet medium helps to expand my interests, thoughts and in the process meet like minded people with varying perceptions, who may be thousands of miles apart and whom I would never know in normal circumstances but here in the cyber world of personal journalism . I am looking forward to many sessions of wonderful conversations.

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