Friday, March 21, 2008

Unity in Diversity: with many faces.

21st March: Today is an auspicious day religiously and for celestial reasons. God from all the major religions in the world had their plans. Most of India is celebrating their favourite festival, in one form or another. Hindus are celebrating their colourful festival of Holi which celebrates the inset of spring with colors. Muslims celebrate there Id-Ii-Milaad (Birth annivesary of Prophet Mohammad).
While Chistians practice their solemn holy Friday or as popularly known as Good Friday.
Inspite of varied reasons and sentiments its an important day in each of the religion.
The Hindus all over India will celebrate the festival of Holi for the whole weekend as the Christians celebrate their Easter Sunday. To me its like a merging and sharing of ones happiness.
why can not life be just as simple. Lets just find a reason to be happy even if we have diffrent reasons to smile lets just be happy and enjoy our happiness and share it with everyone.

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