Saturday, March 22, 2008


A Very Happy Holi to the beautiful ever colourful world. I am spending HOLI on the couch while S is taking his sem finals. No mandir or colors for me. But thats alright because some day I will have have a wonderful holi celebrations with colours and gujias, like old days. In the mean time I am happy with a long chat with my loved ones first thing in the morning!! Love you ma, baba, Tinks and his beloved. I know this Holi brings you all a lot of love and happiness.
I would always read wonderful posts done by Boo and how her family loves to pop surprises to the joy of others. Surprises seem so special and I tend to believe that it brings people closer. The raw emotions that you are able to witness on the target-subject is priceless.
So when my father narrated how my brother and my sister- in law surprised my parents it brought me to tears of happiness. I am overwhelmed with love for my brother and my sister-in-law.
Friday morning my brother called my parents to wish them a Happy Holi and convey his regards. During the course of conversation my brother told my dad that he was standing on the balcony and drinking tea. In reality he was on his way to Lucknow to visit my parents. And in after an hour or so later when my father got the best surprise when he saw a cab pull up in front of our house and my brother jumped out of it. That was a wonderful surprise but that was not the end of it. In the evening after a quick siesta my brother took my father for a drive and drove all the way to Amausi Airport. My sister-in-law who is posted in Mumbai took a direct flight to Lucknow to spend the Holidays with my parents. The surprise was not yet done because all of them reached home and gave my mother a wonderful surprise. My mom was so just as surprised and excited as was anticipated and that made the whole efforts taken by my brother and sis-in-law every bit worthwhile.
I was able to feel the happiness and love in the voice of my parents. They were so happy to have my brother close it them. My father had a beautiful ring to his laughter as he told me how my brother had surprised him and how my mother reacted. My sister-in-law sounded just as excited and happy because she knew and understood how much both of them mean to my parents. I was so happy for them and I miss being with them as I write this. I hope baba and ma always remain happy. On this auspicious occasion, I pray to God that baba-ma's children always make them proud and happy.

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