Friday, April 25, 2008

You are my friend..

.. because your eyes light up whenever you see me and that reflects in my eyes. instead of saying "nice dress where did you get it from?" you tell me how happy you are to see me and can't wait to share everything that's on your mind.

.. because I cant wait to talk to you even if I have spent the whole day with you and just have to obligate my family sometimes.

.. because many of my firsts have been you, my first disc visit, first dance party, first booze party nothing would be complete without you.

.. because when I am lonely and need some love, you are the person I come to.

.. because when I see you laugh I find myself filled with joy.

.. because now I remember how you would eagerly wait for me to comeback and narrate my whole days happenings to you. And similarly I couldn't wait to come back to our room to tell you everything running through my mind and want your opinion on everything.

.. because you are the one who takes care of me when I am down in spirits or running a high temperature.

.. because you never form opinions based on other people's baseless prejudices. and take your own sweet time to come to a logical conclusion. Even if it is something negative about a person you have a method that is so your own to come to that decision.

.. because in spite of your serious/studious temperament you have always entertained my funny bone. Many of my friends still wonder how my closest lot is always the serious thinking minds while I am one of the comic head making the odd stand out. Even I wonder on that one but still we make a good pair!

.. because in spite of having a gift for gab, I cant wait to hear your voice and love listening to you forever. I also enjoyed the scholarly doses from you and the long hours we would spend analysing each others lives and the constant psychological dissections we did of each other.

.. because no amount of distance or time lapse can ever strain the strings that tie our heart

.. because whenever I meet you the months, years and decades stand meaningless and we are again the carefree adolescents back in the School.

..because I can never say or hear a word against you and keep waiting to hear from you even though there may be no response from you for long periods. I am sure you will have the same complain from me but always keep in mind I love you and that you are always in my mind and heart.

.. because I am so proud of your every achievement. Every time you make it, to one of your milestones remember there is one more person who is just as happy for you. And I know you are just as happy at each of my success stones.

.. because whenever I need a shoulder to rest and a hug for comfort you are never too far from me.

.. because whenever I think of you, my eyes moisten and lips curve in a smile and I know how lucky I am to have you as a friend.

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