Monday, May 5, 2008

Comedy live, Youthfulness alive!!

Last year at a friend's B'day party I met this sweet vivacious girl. We connected instantly and I made a note to myself to keep in touch with her. But that did not happen and we lost touch. But I did keep thinking of her often because I felt that we shared the same wavelength. Luckily, we got in touch some time ago. But each time we made a plan to meet, something came up. So when she made a plan for a comedy club, I did not have a heart to negate.

It was a beautiful Saturday when the four of us met. All of us connected instantly that was a start to a great evening. My friend's husband had pre-planned the dinner venue. We had dinner at this small but bustling Mexican place. Everyone being in a much vibrant and adventurous mood, ordered a superabundant table. Quails, rabbit, clams, scallops, nothing amiss. The food was excellent and the company fun. With a happy stomach we were ready for the comedy place. Punchline is San Francisco's prime comedy club.

The show had started when we reached. The table we were escorted, was in clear view of the performers. We missed the first stand up comedian but there were still 2 more guest comedians before the featured stand up comedian, Gregg Poop took the stage. I think his name itself has a funny ring to it. To be born with a name like Mr. Poop... and you are already on the way to comedy club!! Poop's gained popularity through the popular show "Whose line is it anyways?" That was hosted and, if am not wrong produced by Drew Carey, the one who tries to be funny but, according to me tries just too hard. but the guys that he picks for the show are just too good, very intelligent and very funny. Each comic had the calibre to hold the audience attention on their own and so can you think how good they were with four of such potential running for the trophy. That show made me want to be one of the "last comic standing" right there among them. I was a big fan of theirs . This comedy reality show was on of the lineup for Monday comedy and I was always stationed in front of the television set at the hour that it aired ready with my laughter. That was in 2001- 2003. So I was looking forward to some laugh time which reminded me of those "youthful" days full of sunshine.

Being late wasn't a drawback as we got one of the seat that was right in the front but had a side view of the stage. Not bad at all when you are sure to laugh loud and the hardest and catch the attention of the comedian and he would look at you more than once to get an acknowledgement. One of the rules of the comedy club was that minimum of 2 drinks each person. That is called loot in India. I mean you have already snatch quite a bit from my purse already and instead of offering me a free drinks with the roasted peanut I am forced to buy not one but 2 drinks? Really, are the stand ups that bad that you are worried that I will not find him funny enough without the concoction?

We had a good time laughing and drinking. But truly, if I am asked to narrate the jokes then I will have to ask pardon. In general there we quite a few and some Sexually intended jokes. Which reminded me of some of my BONG connections who complained that jesters in America means sex they can not go any further than that. And then there were gay and lesbian jokes which we laughable but also could widely be put into the sex category. I remember Gregg had some good joke for San Francisco and more specific to the mural at the back of the stage. The joke were spontaneous and funny. But by then I had got so used to laughing that I was laughing at the "jokes" even when I couldn't hear them properly because of my own laughter. Yeah! I said I am a laugh-out-loud person. So I can not narrate a full perfect joke from the comedy night. It ended 30 min before midnight.

Later the four of us had our own comedy discussion, whether we were laughing at the jokes was it the double drinks bubbling!
All in all the show was fun. And a first of something I was interested for quite sometime and the experience was a good one in good company.

If you are in good company nothing can stop it from being a success.

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