Monday, May 12, 2008

Rules of Engagement!

This is an interesting article I read in Vanity Fair the April'8 issue.
Not only is it funny and keeps one entertained but is also quite useful so I think I will store it for future use if need be :-))
its in two parts for the husband and wife with a coloumn division. but since I can't do that on the blog I will do the Don't for the wife first and then the men.
Dont't For the Wives
>> Don't expect your husband to be an angel. you would get very tired of him if he were.
>> Don't let him have to search the house for you. Listen for his latch key and meet him on the threshold.
>> Don't let your husband wear a violet tie with grass-green socks. if he is unhappily devoid of the color sense, he must be forcibily restrained, but- don't be sarcastic about your husband's taste in dress.
>> Don't try too hard to regulate your husband's pleasures, and dont be jealous if they don't always include you.
>> Don't try to excite your husband's jealousy by flirting with other men. you may succeed better than you want to. it is like playing with tigers and edged tools and volcanoes. all in one.
>> Don't bother your husband with a stream of sensless chatter if you can see that he is fatigued.
>> Don't forget to wish your husband good morning when he sets off to the office. He will feel the lack of your good bye kiss all day.
>> Don't moralize by way of winning back the love that seems to be waning. Make yourself extra charming and arrange delicious dinners which include all your husband's favorite dishes.

Don't for husbands
>> Don't be surprised, or annoyed, or disappointed, to find, after treating your wife for years as a featherbrain, that you have made her one, and that she fails to rise to the occasion when you need her help.
>> Don't slouch. No one who cares for a man like to see him acquire a slouching habit.
>> Don't forget that character is more important than genius. If your wife is a true woman, dont worry about the rest.
>> Don't scrowl or look severe. Cultivate a pleasant expression even if nature hasn't blessed you with one.
>> Don't drop, when alone with your wife, the little courtesies youwould offer to other women. For instance, always get up to open the door, as she would for a lady guest.
>> Don't insist upon having the last word. If you know when to drop an argument you are a wise man.
>> Don't argue that a new hat isn't necessary because there is nothing visibily wrong with with the one she is wearing. You probably have forgotten that this is its third season, but she hasn't.
>> Don't give up cricket, or football ... or whatever outdoor sport you have been accustomed to just because you are married. Atheletics will keep you from becoming flabby.
>> Don't selfishly refuse to go out in the evening because you have been among other people all day. Remember that your wife hasn't, and a change is good for her.
This is a great piece and I will surely have to come back to review it with my own experiences of it.

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