Saturday, May 17, 2008

Congratulations Kalyan

Early morning I open my inbox and there is this beautiful mail from my friend Kalyan announcing the Birth of his daughter. I was stunned for a few seconds. I knew it that he was going to become a dad and I know as does everyone who knows Kalyan that he can easily grab the best Dad award in near future but still when these beautiful moments come they always come with such unexpected emotions. I am so happy and excited for him. And I so much wish that I could be nearer to his family to be a part of it, share it and hold it in my memory for eternity.

He is one of my best friends. I love and respect him so much. He made my stay in Delhi so much pleasant and easy. Every problem and difficulty I had I would run to him and he would with his calm assurance would help me hurdle it away. He is this most adorable IITian that I have ever met who does not try to rub it in the fact that he is an IITian. He is Fun-loving, helpful and the most generous person that I have every met. I remember how one of his cousins was so jealous that Kalyan and me could be such good friends and tried to play the ladka-ladki bogus card but it did not affect our relationship. I knew that the he was a person who could be trusted at any hour and he never failed me. He was my math teacher when I took my GRE exams and I can vouch for his patience. We used to have booze parties at his place when Soumen another of my cool friends and Kalyan's cousin whom I thank all times to have introduced me to Kalyan. And some friends of Soumen, all of us would eat, drink and sing together. We once had a bonfire on the terrace of Kalyan's apartment my first and last terrace bonfire.

God must really love me to let me have a friend like him.

In between I was a little upset with him because he did not attend my marriage because of some prior engagements. But that's a thing I can not hold against a friend who has been nothing but the best to me and to everyone who meets him.

And now my loving friend and his very, very beautiful wife Sweta are blessed with a sweet daughter. I can't wait for my trip to India so that I can meet him and his most adorable family.

I miss you a lot and I constantly talk about you, my friend. Everyone must have a friend like you who makes us a better person.
All the very best to you and my heartiest congratulations.

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