Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy B'day

Its SH's B'day today.

I wish You a wonderful life. And pray that each of your dreams becomes a reality. SH is a very caring and considerate person. I surely take undue advantage of SH, is the popular legend that circulates among family. But then he is the way he is. He is efficient in everything that he does. He works overtime, is an MBA student, in spite of that I can't complain of any negligence. Living so far from family and close friends the only true companion I have is SH and he is well aware of that. Like true pals we share common activities, hiking, swimming and daydreaming and then lengthy discussions of those dreams.
I am quite forgetful and like a true mate he never lets me forget my chores, to do lists, faults , shortcomings, also the fact that I love him. On Valentine's day, he presented me with a golden Vaio laptop with personalized inscription. As I sit and type, I see the inscription in front of me which reads bright and happy that I love SH.Yes, its only me who needs this reminder. Isn't it enough that in two years he bought me the third laptop after I broke the last two. Courage and sense of humor in plenty, I dare say.
He is caring. He is a softy at heart while he tries to show a tough exterior. But almost everyone can see through that he has a tough time saying no to anyone, especially a friend. He is creative and he has plans to write a book on the infinite names that he has for me.

This Year SH's B'day falls on a long weekend and so I hope to celebrate it the whole weekend. And as ardent Bengali what better gift than substantial indulgence with victual pleasures. So I planned a whole weekend full of a new surprise each day for SH. I made payash as a dinner special since it was already his birthday in India. At midnight I sprang the almond-chocolate cake and the gift, sang the birthday song and spent the night watching "Gladiator" again. The next day I made malai curry and roasted garlic potatoes his favorites among the rest. the cheesecake comes soon.
In all this one thing that I have learnt is that its very difficult to keep secrets from the person whom you love and have always shared your inner thoughts. But be able to surprise them and be able to make their eyes shine like a child is priceless.

Another lesson well learnt and reinforced each time is that happiness is in small things. watching a movie together, a relaxing massage, a lazy day at the beach and sharing cool water from a bottle after a tough hike. These are the things that make us happy and bring us closer and give us the strength to pull through the tough times: like when I have my mood swings, when one of us is running a high temperature and needs some love, when one has to work overtime, study late nights and spend more time on group studies, while the other has to sit home alone, skip get together parties and miss the India trips because the other one does not have a holiday time.

But As the years pass we are getting still closer . I appreciate every effort that You make for me and I am truly grateful to God for this beautiful life.
A Very Happy B'day to You Hero!

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