Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keeps my Idleness Busy -

My usual time pass, blog hopping, took me to India Uncut and read this news that I thought is funny. The whole Jury being dismissed because they were caught playing Sudoku during the trial- Can't blame them its addictive. I also found Sudoku through a blog. I went online to search more about the game, came upon the online web site and got hooked. I have spent many a days rushing through my daily chores so that I could spend my hours solving the puzzles. I even contemplated buying some Sudoku digests that were sold in my university book store but mostly I played online. I would often make print outs and keep them in my purse so that I would play on the way. Travelling on BART or Cal train, while waiting in the doctor's reception, any place where I was made to wait a few minutes I would search my bag and find an incomplete puzzle.

I also had a scrabble galore for sometime in between. I had registered myself with an scrabble website online and spent my afternoons playing scrabble with strangers. It was fun because one could play at the same time chat up with their opponents. I discouraged that part but sometimes it is fun just to know where the other person lives. Like once the person told me he was in Australia and I forgot to ask him what the time was at his end to verify he was telling the truth. But it was an online game and scrabble is not a mobile game with all the board and the cubes. I can't play it on the go.

My current favorite game is chess. It reminds me on my childhood. I learnt the game when I was in class VI. One of my grandmother's friends who was a neighbor came to our house during the afternoons. My grandmother had a habit of taking an afternoon nap and nothing could make her miss her siesta. So while she took her nap her friend taught my brother and me to play chess. After that many an afternoon the three of us would have competitions among the three of us and my brother and me actually got very good at it. Practice makes a man perfect as they say. But once the holidays got over we had to go back to our schools where both, my brother and me we were into outdoor sports and other curricular activities and chess took a back seat until we had our vacations.Now that my computer has the chess game installed in it. I am back to playing chess with the computer and I am so hooked to the game once again. This is one of the big reasons that I am unable to finish my book reviews as planned and they are piling high as the notes I make wait patiently next to my night stand.

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