Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The World Through the Lens

This is what part of the world had to go through today. And New York Times assembled them in an album of 15 pictures. The only peaceful picture according to me, is of the torrential monsoons of Mumbai. Every other picture tells a tragic story of natural, economic, political, or ethnic upheaval. A couple on sports is a last minute relief.

The pictures talk about- Pakistan bombed by the US Air force. The fuel strike in Spain killed people. Chinese earth quake survivors living in the open with no shelter over their head. Kenya going through a political chaos which has left hundreds dead and thousands homeless. Ocean life is threatened after another major oil spill killer near Uruguay coast. Midwest in terrible state and now has to bear power cuts as well.
Some good news on the spots front for some soccer lovers as Euro 2008 soccer championships go on.

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