Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

Ans- He is living a Heavenly life.

Matt's way is one of the best forms, that gives many people the hope, including me that whatever comes we are all one and together. We are more similar and that we still have the strength to feel happiness when we see another being smile. And, the fact that we are more similar than different from each other.
We smile when we are happy and dance when we include everyone in our happiness. And by dancing together we make everyone smile and laugh with us.

By the way, This is such a cute and sweet way to dance Matt.
Its difficult to email Matt so I am really wondering if someone would know whose is the background score. It sounds much like Bengali. See, I am looking for similarities. (added: Did I say it sounded Bengali, yup because it is. They Lyrics are from Tagore's Gitanjali - Stream of life or Praan. Sung by Palbasha Sidiqque and music scored by Gary Schyman.

Also, you can check the stride gum website and Matt's dancing there.
I enjoyed the dances shots that did not make it to the final edit.
I Leave you with one and you can explore the rest.

Happiness Always.

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