Friday, June 27, 2008

An apology and the week's update

To all my well wishers, who expect me to return their calls or buzz them a how-dee!
Knock knock!
Whose there?
Police who?
Police accept my apologies!!
I am a procrastinator. I have been forever. Also, I am not too fond of the phone. My red Blackberry has not been able to help me. Although, I use it obsessively for the Internet and games. I am keeping busy- reading, watching TV, movies, writing, researching, cleaning the house, with my music. etc. etc. And when I remember all the calls that I have to make its not the appropriate time. I have not spoken to my mother, the past week. Although I am not worried that she maybe upset since she is with my brother right now. Or else, I would have put a reminder to make through the call to her. If its any consolation, I have missed many of SH's calls and that has resulted in fewer calls from him, i.e just about 2 or 3 calls a day.
So I apologise I will call you soon.
I have a new hair cut. I think I have become an expert at styling my hair. I asked SH to trim my hair but he refuses to touch the scissors and my shears. Its been almost a year since I had my hair styled and the parlour girl straightened it, thus began my self styling days. The first week, I got back from the parlor, after the razor cut and straightening, I must have cut my hair almost everyday. I thought my hair was too long and not sure if it suited me. So it was no use spending $$ when my hair looks nothing like how I left the salon. Right now my hair is quite long, but then, I don't want them that long and neither do I care for a short hair style. I was not sure what would happen sitting on the stylist chair and so I took my hair in my hands!
I think I did a good job and they look the way I wanted them to look last year- Step cut and quite nice. I don't feel like straightening and will give it a break for sometime. Its becoming a big bore with every Jane straightening her mane!! I am enjoying the waves that my hair makes.
Yesterday, I went shopping at Costco. I have got used to shop alone something I dreaded doing not so long ago. I saw these two young Indian wives shopping alone. They were so giggly and school girlish. They made me smile. I wouldn't have guessed that they were moms if I hadn't seen them picking baby clothes. I miss having friends but I don't have any with whom I can be a giggly girl. Right now all the people I know I cant imagine myself being all funny and cute.Its, mostly, dinners,gossips, random picnic or barbecue. No real activities as such. How wierd is that!! The only person I truly enjoyed my time being silly with post marriage, lives in NC and to think she was my senior is school seems light years away. I miss you. Sorry, I haven't called you either (So see the rest must not complain). But, then you have a very very busy life.
I am a greedy and selfish person. My greediness is at its prime when it comes to books. I am listening to one and reading one. And magazines are not even included. I have membership to three libraries and I have more than 2 books from all of them. My night table does not have a space to keep my glass of water at night. I dislike returning books but I now have the sense not to buy all the books I want since my household runs on a budget! I have a research paper deadline rushing on me and still I take out more time for my casual reading and blog. I am so greedy about books.
I did a lot of cooking and cleaning this week. I enjoyed it. Made some new stuff and trying to revive some cooking that reminds me of my childhood. Esp. Kaanch kola, fried rice like mom, and lau. Also, made an interesting blueberry smoothie with cream cheese. It came off so good that I am totally inspired.
And, have seen 12 movies in the last 3 weeks. But SH's summer semester is on again. Will post the movie list next, since I enjoyed all the movies. Most of them are laugh riots so I need it on this roll.

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