Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This was an exciting week, in my kitchen as well as around me. I am keeping busy busy. I am hardly online nowadays. Busy with my books, work and everything else. The weather is beautiful, sunny and its hard to keep myself inside the house. Of coz it helps that I have started listening to books being read to me while I take my nature's walk.


The past week was fun as well. On of SH's friends visited the bay area on work and his wife accompanied him. I like meeting new people. The next day we took a much needed walk, which turned out to be a long walk. Every time we crossed Crystal springs, I promised myself to come here for a run or a lazy picnic. But it was not happening for the last 3 years. At the same time I wanted to do some nature shots. I had not done that for a Long time and I really love love to capture the nature's beauty through the lens of my camera. Also, I must say, I have one of the best cameras an amateur can hope for. Its very intelligent and focus on things that I am thinking of. That's magical, isn't it?As soon as we got of the car we were able to spot the biggest deer that we have seen around the bay. And the first that I have ever captured on my camera. Well, we walked the walk!!I shot birds and bees. I mean Literally. Was one fabulous nature trip. In the end when we got back to our car we had walked 3 and a 1/2 miles. I was so so so tired and very very very happy.

Some memories not in words.

The view from where we parked our car.

A surprised stranger

A beautiful crane

A Blue Finch (I think)

A feast captured

But the best shot is here!---------------------------------------------------

Monday- was busy with the dentist trip. I am interested in braces at this old age. hehehehe!!
Tuesday- I spent the whole day in the library working. I love it there.
Today, had been a nice day too since I connected with a friend after a long time and looking forward to see her tomorrow. Also, I want to catch this cute movie that's releasing tomorrow.
Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na.... Imran Khan, is such a cutie and the girl is such a beauty.
Probably will go hiking too. So it maybe sometime since I see you. I am trying to keep a notebook now. Because I have been talking a lot to myself and some great ideas are coming to me when the laptop is not reachable.


roopscoop said...

wow you have some fantastic photos on your blog. what camera do you use
??? :)

Spontaneous Mini said...

Thanks for the encouragement. The camera: Sony-DSC H1 5.1megapixels.