Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Week went by.....

.. in a blink, giving me no time to scribble my updates.
I am worried because I do not want to forget. With age catching up I need regular dosage of Brahmi to remember every moment that I am alive and happy. Since I am unable to get my hands to the Himalaya Ayurvedic capsules I will do the next best and keep an account of my life.
The weekend was a very happy and content one. It was dedicated to good food, good conversations and excellent company.

For a while I have wanted to eat luchi- alloo dum just like it’s made at home. I had luchi and chola r daal a couple of times during my Indian holiday. But not luchi- allo dum homestyle.
SH had luchi-alloo for breakfast during our long stay at Hyatt, Kolkata and I shared it with him until we discovered their gobi and methi parathas! (was so yummy, thats for another post)
So this was the week when I finally decided to have luchi and allo r dum for brunch. Woke up very late on Saturday and was quite flustered precisely for the same reason. I made hurried uttapam and had it with leftover sambhar- chutney. I had no time to prepare luchi-alloo r dum because Sh had to leave for a group project. It was a bright day and after SH left I decided to take off. I went for a real long walk which did not seem that long with the pod classic for company. One of the neighbours were cleaning their apartment their pet was left to bask in the balmy sun. I spent some time talking to him and then I caught this fabulous sight and spent the rest of the time looking up towards the beautiful blue sky. Remember the airship Hindenburg and the midair fire and then crash? It is similar technology. Well, it was gliding over the sky in a slow motion similar to a hot balloon, a beautiful sight and so unique. I totally have to do this now that i have seen it.
You can check better pics of the Zeppelin airship and the article by clicking on the pic.

Watched a wonderful movie named “Venus”. With a name like that I expected something different. But after a while I realized it was an offbeat, art imitating life movie. It had one of my favorite (my ever favourite) songs which kept playing in the background. The movie was very British, dry humor, achy breaky emotional doses on relationships, friendships, old age and infatuations. I have come to love that kind of stuff by now- remember the “Office”, the Kumars at no 42 on BBC, well these were my favorites. Then “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” that I watched on the flight back to SFO. The evening was warm and cozy with SH coming home with veg patties and I made cardamom flavored tea. Later the dinner consisted of fried rice, potato crisps, cauliflower, raita, payash. I call that quite a potential day!

Sunday I literally dragged myself out of bed to make luchi and alloo r dum and boy were they good! We absolutely were smacking our own fingers. My ego is all puff up with this experience. The taste reminded me of weddings where luchi, cholar daal, allor dum and jilepi is the morning breakfast/brunch for the days that lead to the wedding. So the day started on a great note which continued. Sh was so happy and content and in spite of his workload office/school, he insisted we go out: any place I like. So, we went shopping! I am avoiding eating out and so meals were all home made however oily and spicy but mostly veg.
Monday: I wake up early morning only to be told that I can go back to sleep because SH was working from home. And I did. So the, breakfast was once again luchi-alloo r dum and payash (remind me this when I complain that I am fat). So the day went into a flurry catering to you know who! Monday seemed like an extension of the weekend if I can say so.
I spent quite a lot of time reading blogs and making friends with the blogger in my mind because Ipresume our similarities or applaud their talents.

Also a lot of time was spent making holiday plans once SH graduates from school and finally completes his MBA program.


Goofy Mumma said...

Luchi Aloor Dum... wow. My mouth is watering at the very mention. Its wonderful that you had a nice weekend. You are really a dedicated and good cook aren't you? And no hassles with the food, if you are coupling them with long walks!!

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