Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai bomb blasts and Indian Determination!

How does it feel to be hit on your gut just when you do not expect it?
I was peacefully watching "Who wants to be a Millionaire" on ABC, when there was an national emergency alert about the numerous Bomb blasts in Mumbai. I immediately switched over to CNN and have been following the constant news about the Mumbai bomb blasts since morning. It is now almost 12 hrs since the first breaking news. My stomach churns at the thought of what the people of Mumbai have to go through and more specifically for the people who have to go through such a tragic ordeal.
No one really has any concrete news and its all quite confusing. Whatever I have been able to understand till now is that : there is now a new terrorist group added to the long list of dirt people the “Deccan Mujaheddin”. This is the group that has taken the responsibility of now in total of ten attacks in various tourists and heavy populated areas. 2 Hospitals, 2 Hotels, Restaurant, movie hall, major railways stations and other areas. We living in US have to depend on the international News channels which in turn have to depend on the Indian news correspondence so it is very scattered.
At this time its reported that 101 people have lost their lives while more than 200 people are injured. What is even more worrisome is that the Indian/Mumbai police has lot three of their top officers. The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare, two Indian Police Service (IPS) officers - additional police commissioners Ashok Kamte and Sadanand Date and Mumbai Police “encounter specialist” Vijay Salaskar were also shot dead in these terror encounters. US intelligence officials have lost their lives in this encounter. Many innocent lives of people who were going about their lives having dinner, attending a party, leaving or arriving in the city that they loved or would grow to love soon. So many dreams, opportunities, expectations and happiness are all lost.
I am watching the constant barrage of news the videos and pictures sent by restorers as well as amateurs and cringing as I sit in my cozy living room and imagine what is wrong with the world that these terrorists mean to solve by bomb blasting and killing innocent people?
They have also been showing the pictures of a couple of terrorists. They look like college students. To be precise to my eyes they look like bright youths from well to do families. This is my inference from the way they are dresses, their physical assessment and their body postures. Why would young men like them do something like this? What may have happened in their lives to make them take such a drastic and demonic step? What must these youth feel when they were gunning down surprises innocent people?
They were supposedly looking for American and British citizen. But now we hear that many of the hostages that are yet to be rescued are Israelis. If their intention was to take foreigners hostage why did they target hospitals, railway station and movie halls? What is the real intention of these terrorists and how can they call these evil actions as holy war?
My head is swirling and blood gushing to my brains every time I am thinking of what the people have to go through each time constantly, consistently. These are the times when I think and repeatedly call my God and ask him for action to tell me and everyone else what is the right path.
For all like me, we have to pray for the well being of the world. We have to rise above all the negative doings of the people who understand no better and bring down the evil spirits. We have to keep our sanity and face these religious fanatics with our constant resilience that makes us the Proud Indians.

We Indians will never give up!!

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