Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not again

I am constantly watching this:

watching the encounters live on NDTV live is such a scary ordeal.
its 10:35pm at night.
Added: We were awake the whole night. following the ordeal till 4am on Twitter and NDTV mostly. The CNN IBN just would not work. Morning has been just the same. I forgot to take my medicine as well as get up tp make tea.
God has to be on our side only because the terrorists do not have one.
Allah, God, Bhagwaan, VahiGuru, Christ.. who is on their side?

Finally its over. There is a deluge of news updates from all sides. I am recording most of it on my twitter onliners. will have to sit and compile all of the info simply because enough is enough. this time it will not be forgotten and never forgiven.
Ofcourse we are resilient... we will never give up. Never giveup on our hopes and dreams. Never giveup the brotherhood that we have among ourselves inspite our our diffrences.
Who is this person who thinks that he can scare us, kill us and it will make me forget my sister??
Zaheera you are my sister, I am Kasib and Ali's Khala. That will never change.
Who is this evil who thinks that he can change the truth by the tip of his evil gun?

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Goofy Mumma said...

It will be over soon Mini, we are all in the same state, I cannot even say we will emerge victorious from this, because of the amount of casualties.