Saturday, November 29, 2008

Facebook, Friends and Faith (in ourselves)

Every Indian has a strong feeling of nationality which is very complex namely because it is entiwined with our religion, regionalism, language, castes, social standings (for some its pure economics). Wednesday night attack on Mumbai(India) brought many of us together for a larger cause. Twitter was abuzz and still is (a bit). Facebook/Gmail statuses of friends were charges with emotions with their individual ideas and thoughts. Being away from India, our Motherland, makes many of us feel helpless and this was one way we could make our voices heard.
So when Pandora's status read the following; there were many emotions running high.
My friend Pandora’s facebook wall read - P believes these terrible terrorists are making things difficult for her good Muslim friends! 1:06pm
S said at 1:20pm November 28
Thanks for your empathy P...these are one of the times when one is lost for words!
Spontaneous Mini at 3:39pm November 28
Right now my sympathies are only with India and the victims. did u watch CNN and Pak medias anger?
S at 6:14am November 29
India also has a good number of Muslims who are just as tolerable and shocked as the rest of's not wise to confuse them with Pakistanis!!!
H at 11:14am November 29
I agree with Sahar.......
S at 11:31am November 29
Spontaneous Mini at 2:30pm November 29
Hi S and H, Have not heard from you guys in ages. Plz do not defend yourselves my friends. I adore and love both of you like my sisters. You both are a part of my childhood that is ever so dear to me. Both of you know my best friend and sister is Zaheera, whom I love like I love my brother and parents.
Pakistani civilians are not to be blamed here nor are Muslims. This war/attack is not about religion.Terror and terrorism has no religion. Plz do not drag any religion or religious belief here.
India is secular. We are Indians first even if we speak different languages, pray to Allah, God and Bhagwan, live in various parts of the world; we strive and live for India as Indians. No blame game is needed. We just need to be educated and vigilant citizens. Jai Hind!

Since this is my blog I will explain myself. I maybe incorrect but I have a viewpoint that must be voiced and needs to be heard.
1. Why do we have to be patronizing towards anyone? Who has (has not) suffered meanness or bias in their lives. Ask the person you patronize have they never rebuked anyone? Have you never witnesssed prejudice?
2. What are you trying to defend here? After 9/11, Sikhs were and still are often mistaken for arabs they have still stuck to their attire and customs. So have faith in yourselves and educated people.
3. When I say,"My heart goes to all Indians." I am sure I mean everyone who believes that he/she is and India. Religion has nothing to do with that. Please understand people Hindus are not the only ones who are affected by the terrorist attacks in India.
Have confidence in yourselves and in others. You may think that the other persons actions are meant to insult you. But have you ever thought that it is just your thinking in someway that makes you just as biased?
4. What is the definition of tolerance? How do we say that we are tolerant while the other is not? How and when can we decide that stretch of tolerance that is all inclusive? If we say the other is not tolerant, are you still able to tolerate them and how? Are you able to hug them. Have you even spoken to them?
5. My family hails from Lucknow (now), Gonda, Gorakhpur- My family speaks bengali, often mistaken to be a Muslim because of my surname and my Hindi diction. I am proud to be an Indian! A multilingual.
In US I have often been mistaken for a Hispanic, as must be true for many other Indian girls. I feel proud of this fact. Yes, I am an international citizen.
My identity is as an Indian. Not as a UPites or Mumbaikar, Kasmiri or Assamese, Bengaluru or Manipuri..
I am an INDIAN!

Why do we lack such confidence in ourselves, then so ready to blame the other person for our own wrongful thoughts? Have we ever sat and made an analysis ourselves before we get upset with others actions and severe the ties of friendship and walk into the pit of enemies. We need to stick together people and remain friends forever.

Unity and sticking close together, is one of the laws of nature. Even wild animals live in herds, fleets, schools to keep the enemies at Bay (slight pun!).
This is atleast one lesson to learn.


Goofy Mumma said...

So true, so true. Its most important to pull together as an entire nation now, no biases, no bickering. When we doubt fellow Muslims, we do exactly what the terrorists want us to.

Spontaneous Mini said...

Yes, and I will keep repeating myself till I am heard.