Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Tribute to Mumbai and all Indians

This is a creation of Awasthi. Dedicated to Mumbai,India.

This is my way of paying homage-

This is a tribute to Mumbai, Kashmir, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai-- India and her citizens.

This is dedicated to all our army, Navy and Military personnels who have devoted their lives to save ours.

This is in remembrance to all Police servicemen and Firemen who face danger so that we remain safe.

This is to our mother: India whom we need to protect and preserve, love and cherish, Respect and worship.

This is to all the innocent 400+ victims of terrorism in the year 2008 and the countless human lives that have been lost and beloveds left alone due to the inhumane, brainwashed theories of the psychotic fanatics.

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