Monday, December 1, 2008

Need- Love and Prayer, Pride and Humility!

This conversation started here.
This is the response from H:-
I was busy mobilizing friends for the Candle Light Vigil last evening hence couldn't reply earlier. We had a turnover of around 300 people in the bone chilling winter of England. Yes I include myself when you say Indians and that is obvious and comes automatically..... so answering that question seems absurd to me.My grudge against us Indians is that despite being educated, landing into posh jobs and making a decent living, we are not concerned for India as a country. While I was mobilizing friends one of my Indian colleague refused to join us as it would meant canceling a dinner invite for her.... now when I look at that I wonder, what is the magnitude of tragedy that will move her to join a cause like this.Even at the vigil there were some notorious elements who kept commenting on us organizers as "Pseudo secularist", and other things...... I agree the desis in UK are called Paki and that is seen as abusive and you can take a person to court if it hurts anyone's sentiments.Yes, it is tolerance and respect that makes heterogeneity (read multi cultural/ethnicity/religion/region) beautiful else it leads to confusion and complexity...
And my reply to H is the following:
Totally Love your reply. You are a gem.
When ppl use abusive languages towards you/each other remember its always their own inferiority and weaknesses they are refering to. Uska koi dharm nahi hota.
When ppl avoid/abuse me I have always seen its for the same thing.
Reason- inferiority, and that has no religion.I am very proud of you.

The other friend of mine, who is Muslim by religion and an Indian national, seems so hurt that it seems she is unable to comprehend that both of us (she and I) are saying the same thing albeit in different languages perhaps.
For me the petty squabble ends here because there are much more important and bigger things to accomplish. But before I cremate this raw tide of emotions and make better use of my strong sentiments for our beloved nation. I have to state a few facts.
This childhood friend of mine, who thought it was important to defend herself as a Muslim has a very dear Military link. S’s brother is a Naval Officer serving our nation.
So this private friction is demeaning to our being. I am trying to put my energy into something constructive.
Please send me your suggestions and guide individuals like me how we can serve our nation even though we live half a world away. I do not want to just keep write about it but much more. Just cant afford to be a passive writer/reader anymore. I have to be proactive.

I bow at H’s inspiring words- it is tolerance and respect that makes heterogeneity (read multi cultural/ethnicity/religion/region) beautiful ........
.... the Core.

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Abe said...

To be honest, I feel bad for the Muslims. I think Indian Muslims feel a great amount of pain when they hear all of the anti-Muslim rhetoric from Hindus the past few days. The anger is understandable, but it is being directed at Muslims, when most of them are on the same side. It should be directed at the government who did not adequately prepare to protect its citizens, despite advanced warning. There will be more extremists and we will never kill them all. Violence will only lay the seed for more violence. But that doesn't mean the government can't be vigilant in defending the country with the force of 1 billion strong.