Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ma- Baba and Birthdays

It’s your birthday Baba,
Ma called to remind me.
I hesitate talking to you. You know.
Nothing I do is good enough for you.
Why did I come to US,
Why did I not sit for Civil Exams?
Why I choose to be a house-wife,
Not the lecturer that I was?
You forget it’s my life,
Not your dream.
I know you care,
And it makes me edgy.

I call you.
You pick the phone on one ring.
Were you waiting for me to call?
You sound excited and happy.
Why am I surprised?
Did I do something right?
We talk about fish, and gifts,
Cousins and gas/petrol prices,
Basmati rice and American economy.
Both of us are on best behaviors,
Ma is happy that we both are polite,
No heated exchanges.
Are we doing it for Ma?
Because I think I forgot her birthday too.

Happy Birthday!


Goofy Mumma said...

POETESS!! You are totally at it lady, even the comment space. superrrrrrrrrrrrr. Happy Birthday to you Dad. And its a beautifully written verse.

Goofy Mumma said...

The new look of the blog is fab, all fresh and cool.Very nice, and I see you have segregated your blog roll too!!

Spontaneous Mini said...

Hehehe.... GM you are always kind and sweet!!
Ya, I just wanted to give the blog a facelift. All the floral pictures have been clicked by me.

The fresh look is in anticipation of happy days ahead.

Jerry said...

Hey SM... nice piece... Baba & Ma are always proud of you... you may forget, they remember that we will forget!!


Goofy Mumma said...

Dear Mini, a thank you note for being my freind awaits you here.

odessa said...

very lovely! i used to have a similar experience with my father, nothing i did was good enough for him. we definitely have a better relationship now that i live far from home. i'm sure your parents are very proud of you and respect all that you had accomplished.

Reflections said...

That was so heartfelt.....u knw these words hit home.
My father & I also didnt really 'connect'. While we still dont, atleast we are happy to talk with eachother & are more lenient to eachother's shortcomings:-)).
Distance makes us do a lot of good stuff;-P.

Som said...

DD! This has made me senti (as u would surely know)......One thing I would like to say that all the things you have written are correct.....I know that u feel this way and it is very normal to feel like this under all the circumstances......But, I also wanted you to know that Mashi and Mesho are so very proud of you. When they are alone, they can't stop talking about u.....They love you so much....Please don't be sad....some people cant express themselves well and they have their own dominant ways of doing/saying things but parents always love their children more than their life, especially in this case.....We all luv u very much

take care and always be happy

PS - Amazingly composed! you should post more :)...muah