Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Weekend update on a Thursday!

I can never be a Breaking News journalist. But then I openly declare my slothful leanings.
So the weekend goneby is the "Big Weekend" after three tough years, I want to chronicle.

Finally, SH is done with his MBA course and we are both relieved. I have been so excited and have dreamt with such passion about how we are going to spend our time post graduation; travelling, hiking, learning golf together and going swimming.
The Big day fell on 4th Dec. And for the lack of any talent to express how excited we felt, we fought and quickly proceeded towards a cold war to avoid any harsh language. So that’s how the night was spent without disturbing any individual routines and meals. It felt he still had his exams and I stayed out of his way.
Slight digress-our fights have always proved to be advantageous for me (read flowers, tiramisus, more importantly help around house!).
Then comes Saturday morning and since we had made big plans for our first freedom weekend we got dressed and walked towards the garage. Remember, we are still on a cold war!

We went to one of our brunch-favorite joint and ordered classic sandwiches on cibatta bread and creamy chicken, soup of the day. Since I love sourdough bread it was taken for granted that I will consume the bigger share of soup and he will finish my leftover sandwich. What with recession even “cold wars” need some love.

After brunch we dropped some food items at the food drive project for homeless and needy. Then we headed for some retail therapy. I wanted to check the sale season. The constant buzz of deeper sale than ever was enticing and one that I did not want to miss. By the time we headed home I had lazer-ed into the wallet with two jeans and 2 cute sweaters. I am so ready for the Xmas season. We picked “Singh is King” for a movie time.
It was such a hilarious movie that the cold war is just not happening anymore.

On the way back I lamented on not being able to find a wristcase for my ipod classic. All the cute cases are either for shuffles or iphone. The market is ignoring the classic, I say. And I also needed to buy toys for the toy drives we intended to participate.

This year because there is a rise in unemployment and homelessness all over the country, the local media keeps requesting for donations from individuals who can contribute to the cause, in kind or economically. We have been contributing for the toy donations each year but this year we planned to participate in the food drive as well. But I am still doing it in my way; no non vegetarian food although that is exactly what the American media emphasis upon. Non perishable canned non vegetarian. But I have found high protein options; almond mix cornflakes, kidney beans, pasta, canned fruits and baby food. And we have been doing this every alternate week.

On Sunday after brunch of uttapam and chutney, we picked the toys and then went shopping perfume for SH. Finally he bought Chrome Azzaro. After 6 months of coaxing. I also liked a wonderful winter formal jacket in camel color for SH which he liked so much he could not deny himself. Finally found an ipod wristcase and lastly we bought some fine red wine to celebrate. The wine was so smooth.
We feasted on delicious to-go from our neighborhood Chinese joint and discussed our on coming Xmas road trip.
We watched “Rock On”. The songs are wonderful and even better with wine.

Right now I am busy preparing for the party that we have on Sunday. A small gathering of SH’s grad school fellows along with their spouses.
For once I will have some common topics to discuss and reason to celebrate with complete strangers.


Goofy Mumma said...

This is such a well written post Mini. loved reading it, almost felt I was experiencing your weekend with you. I know exactly what you mean by fights on anticipated days. Great thing about being a part of all these drives. Wonderful job girl.
Wish you lots of happy fun filled days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Nice Blog here. Love the colours.lovely.
Helping the ones in need does bring happiness.

Happy Holidays.

odessa said...

oh, congratulations to both of you! how exciting and liberating that must have been. loved your "cold wars" and how you guys slowly broke the ice by the things that you did together. cheers!!!