Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In Appreciation...

Some time ago I had thought that each month I will talk about a couple of blogs that I like reading and discuss how I came across the blog and what I like about the blog. After all it was a blogger who inspired me to start my own blog.
And this seems the best way to start giving note to my beloved fellow blog buddies. I also need to acknowledge my fellow Blog buddies since most of the time I do not leave a comment to announce my arrival.
Also because I have yet to add them on my blog list although they are all on my computer favlist.

I have received my first award. Goofy Mama Bestowed a pretty award at My creative and Photo Blog. I am grinning like a drunk baboon.(check my profile pic for reference)

Thank you so much.

So this award goes to-
1. I came across Odessa when I was looking for fellow bloggers from Bay Area and I have become a fan of this quiet and talented girl with a lot of depth.

2. I reached Eve many months ago and she kept me from writing my blog posts because I couldn't stop reading hers.

3. I have to mention Orange because her Photo blog is so cheery and she reminds me of my schools/college times.

4. Absolutely beautiful things has introduced me to such lovely ways to be creative in my own limitations.

5. I love Creative Pooja because her blog is an inspiration for all foodies and proud vegetable lovers. Hers is a happy blog I want to go back to again and again.

6. Straight Arch in a Squarish Circle writes about life as it comes at you; then a dash of humor and a pinch of irony. He makes me go all nostalgic.

7. A focus in the wild experience is the kind of life, I would wish for myself. Her Photo blog and her work are very much appreciated by me.

8. I reached Roop through Unchaahi and she makes me realize that we all can make a difference. This award is for both because they are together.

9. Metrodad does not like awards but I can not help it. As a young married couple with no kids yet, he is the only parent blogger whom am able to connect with and who makes me reflect and realize that we have to make the best of what God has given us.
10. Indian Home Maker is one of the coolest Blog girl I have met "virtually". Her blog is an absolute thinking blog for me.
11. I would like to award it back to Goofy Mama because her quake rites make so much sense to my life. Also most of the traffic my way is thanks to Goofy here!

Live Full.Love Max.


roop said...

awwww sm!! thank u so!! i love ur blog for its vibrance and color too!!!! :)))

and hey if u dont mind me asking, are u from south india? cuz my husband is and he calls 'unchaahi' unchaachi as well ;p ... and i have another friend deepika, who is american but of south indian heritage, she calls unchaahi - unchaachi too! and u did the same!! :P

it's cute though. *hugggz***

Spontaneous Mini said...

Oops! I rectified. Me is a Bengali. But I have often been told that I look very Malyaali. Maybe thats the connection...*smiles n winks*

Mini, hugs u back.

odessa said...

oh, thank you ever much for this award!!!! you are so sweet. i didn't know you have other blogs, will have to go and check it out. thanks again! :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Thank You SPONTANEOUS MINI :) Honored and touched by your warm words.

Love that header, by the way !!! And also your photoblog.

MetroDad said...

I'm honored to learn that I'm the only parent blogger you read, Spontaneous Mini. Thanks! And yes, you do know me well enough to know that I generally hate awards. However, I consider yours more of a gesture of appreciation. So for that, I am thankful!

roop said...

haha sm, that has to be it!! cuz dee is malyali and pavan is really good friends with a lot of mallus. :p ... and you have the 'looks' connection hehee.

Spontaneous Mini said...

@Odessa, IHM, MD- My pleasure. Its been great coming across you guys.

@ Roop- ;-))

Jerry said...

Helloz... thanks a lot for counting me as one of the blogs you like and enjoy... I try to be as bare and stupid as possible!


eve's lungs said...

Hello Mini . I am honoured esp because I had no clue you read my blog and enjoy it too.Its like getting an unbirthday present!