Monday, December 8, 2008

Some things

This week I took some time to reflect on what is vital to my being.
I had a most wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun and laughter.
And I figured that Happiness and Love figure at top.

I recall some Kabir verses- One says that we must look inside ourselves when we want to find faults, while another talks about finding love all around when we give a chance to others.

And here are some things I love that I wish to share with others.
1. I love to take walks along beaches, with warm sand wrapped around my feet.
2. I love yellow. My wardrobe is shades of yellow; gold, mustards, oranges, reds, and some blue-greens. Can’t help it!
3. I love the sun! Bright, warm, sunny days bring me a lot of joy.
4. I love romantic and cute comedies. I love movies that make me cry (it’s catharsis), and movies that make me laugh like a Hyena is it?
5. I love crème brulee and bread-butter pudding. They remind me of my mother, my birthdays and that everything will always be fine with my world.
6. I love hiking on a sunny and breezy day, reach the top of a meadow and watch quiet deer family in their peacefulness. I love contentment.
7. I love coming across wild animals on our nature expeditions; elephant seals, wild dolphins, jackals, wild bears, bob cats and snakes. Few that I have been fortunate enough to spot.
8. I love my camera. And I appreciate all the love and attention that comes my way due to it.
9. I love being lazy and read a magazine or book, do some crochet/ knit or just be a couch potato.
10. I love the blog world- it makes strangers become friends It makes me aware of various information, ideologies, dogmas, I never knew existed. It helps me grow into a person I would like to be someday.
11. I love talking, being part of discussions and arguments simply because it makes me reflect within me and helps to expand my horizons.
12. I love to listen myself sing out aloud; Tells me I am truly happy.

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Goofy Mumma said...

Such a Happy post. Loved reading it. I can just feel your happiness in this post. Lovely Mini. Be happy and always keep smiling. I share 1,4,9,10,11 & 12. :)