Thursday, January 1, 2009

All's gonna be Mast and Fine, Here's to 2009!!

Year 2008, Slides off the exit gate.
We recap, year past and recheck our weight.
With renewed vigor, welcome the New Year,
A better economy, harmony, and kind peer(s).
Pray for peace and love to Allah, God, Ishwar,
All the higher orders you revere
Prayer on my lips and love in my heart, I wish each one,
Good Food, Happy Family Life, Wonderful Friends and Baskets of Fun
Wishing You A Wonderful New Year filled with:-
Happiness and Contentment.
Excitement and Enthusiasm.
Love and Good Spirits.
Better Economy and Financial Liberties!
Lotsa Love, Luck n' Laughter


eve's lungs said...

Mini - All the best for 2009 !

Spontaneous Mini said...

Eve - Thank You. Here's wishing you the very best of 2009.