Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolution 2009

I do not believe in making resolutions for myself, simply coz determination in keeping good habits is not one of my talents. But this year, I just felt like taking a few baby steps towards good things that bring pleasure- Happy ones which will just keep me going.So here is the very short list.Isn't it?

1. Give more attention to my Book Reviews. Amen.

2. Make new friends. And celebrate the year in honor of good friendships. Hopefully get drunk with friends and keep the torch (glass) of comradeship raised high!

3. Eat more of salad and fruits. Let’s include "Simply Orange" and Apple cider?? Wine? Beer? No seriously Champagne fits right in here.

4. Finally let the trip to the East Coast materialize. Niagara Falls, Times Square, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Washington DC or maybe East coast for me means Florida Keys and Everglades NP.

5. Join a book club or a dance club or a music club or a knitting club at the lib. If I don’t get into one then I will start my own. Or maybe Pub?

6. Treat my hair to regular hot oil massage. Permanent straightening has b(r)ought me a lot of praise but I received enough compliments on my step cut curls too. The memory of the whole process, with 5 hours of torture at the salon makes me faint.

7. Be regular at the gym and remain just as dedicated to Gastronomical indulgences. I can DO it! Ahem!

8. Take up speaking Spanish seriously or write in Bengali beautifully.

9. And probably not be such a gadget annihilator. Thakur, not accident prone to such an extent, please.

10. Complete all the knitting and cross stitch works that I started last year before I pick another project.

2009, work is already cut out for ya!!


Goofy Mumma said...

Wow, such sweet resolutions. I hope you achieve all of them Mini. All the best. I am inspired by your list and want to take up some of them myself.:)

unpretentious_diva said...

ohh yes the list is short.
I have a friend who starts making a resolution at ist of January, and keeps changing, rejecting, re-setting, and updating it till the next 31st of December.

Anyways, i am sure for you and your resolution All is Gonna be mast and Fine, now it is 2009!

Spontaneous Mini said...

@ GM- Thankyou. Let me know which ones we share and we can keep exchanging notes on the progress. that will keep us on track! wat say?

@UD- Thankyou and Best of Luck 2 ur friend for 2009 :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Love these resolutions, and I can relate to many of these!!! More regular at the gym, more of fruit in the diet ... oiling of hair ...

odessa said...

happy new year!!! the pictures from your vacation are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them!

and i'm all about #6, #7, and #8 (learning spanish), especially gastronomical indulgences. i exercise so i can it whatever it is that i want to eat. and i have wavy hair too and i promised to take better care of it this year, deep conditioning every month.

here's to achieving all our goals for 2009!

eve's lungs said...

Sigh ... I wish you great joy of your resolutions . Remember I shall be back for a review in mid year to see just how many have been taken care of :P

Spontaneous Mini said...

@ IHM n @ Odessa -
I guess if we keep a log and update each other with the progress.. we shall overcome the hurdles.

@ Eve's lungs- Be back more often pliss. I want your approval !!!
Okie- mid yr, done!

eve's lungs said...

BTW I forgot to raise a toast to Resolution no 2 !

Spontaneous Mini said...

Maybe we can sit together and raise a toast together.- umeed to kar hi sakte hai.