Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reading List- Jan 2009

To mark how serious I am about my book reading/ reviewing resolution I have decided to chronicle my reading list. Both of us share the love for reading and also like suggesting books for each other. So while I pulled out “The Enchantress of Florence” 2008 by Salman Rushdie for SH, he collected “Reading Lolita in Tehran” 2003 by Azar Nafisi for me from the library.

But that’s not the book that I am reading right now. Currently, I am reading, “The Other Queen” 2008 by Phillippa Gregory. This is the second book by the author that I was able to pick from the library best seller list. Last year, I read “The Other Boleyn Girl” 2001, when I heard they were making a movie based on the book. The author, I assume is obsesed by the very controversial Tudor English Era. She has written six historical fictions based on Tudor Era. "The Other Boleyn Girl" was the first and "the Other Queen" is the lastest.

I also have “The Secret life of Bees” 2002 by Sue Monk Kidd on my night stand. I came to know of the book only when the movie released. And because I like reading more than watching movies I decided to read the story before I sit to watch the movie. This is my reading list for the month.

Also while you are here please do check my shutterbug frenzy here and let me know what you think because it is of much significance.

Better late than never,here is a very beautiful friendship band that IHM gave to all her readers during Xmas. In the same tradition I will pass it on to all blog lovers and friends of peace in honor of a beautiful New Year, 2009.


Piper .. said...

I had no idea you blogged! :) must go thru the archives.

Spontaneous Mini said...

You are welcome and do not forget to share your insights :-))

Indian Home Maker said...

That sounds like a good idea!!! I must make a reading list too, but I will only be able to read that much in two months, not one :)
Today a friend said I must get Provoked and Marley and me - I haven't read either.

Spontaneous Mini said...

Ohh yaa "Marley and Me" the movie was released during Xmastime. I want to read this one too :-)

But I do not know there is a book named "Provoked" do share more about it with me.

D said...

O God, you make me feel so guilty: I've almost given up reading because I'm so preoccupied with blogging!

Spontaneous Mini said...

@ D- Thanks for dropping by.
I love books, plus I my frens often ask me for recommendations I like the job, so keep myself updated.

eve's lungs said...

Tagged you :)