Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hosted a Party, Watched the Presidential Inauguration and Still Trying to Comprehend the Indian Political Scene..

The last 10 days seem like a flash passed by . We celebrated a triple celebration- Birthday, Wedding anniversary and Graduation. We decided to make an elaborate event of it and the planning’s took a whole month which finally was realized last weekend and I would like to think it was a success. I have been stone tired for the last one week. And did I mention I joined a dance group and we had a practice session and I pulled muscles at unmentionable places and my truck tires screamed in protest every time I get up to pick the glass of water. But I tried my best not to miss the gym sessions but then religiously hogged on the leftover chocolate cake so that my body does not miss all the calories that I leave at the elliptical. A musical venture is in the sidelines.

The Presidential inauguration was such a spectacular and such a craze. I have sore eyes because I was rarely blinking during the whole ceremony. Also I must mention the HBO live pre inaugural star studded musical concert against the Lincoln Memorial with every musical whose who and Hollywood stars and sparkle serenading the occasion. It was spectacular and I am glad I was able to catch the repeat the next morning again.
Obama has already put many of his promises into action- He has signed orders for Guantanamo Bay toshutdown within a years time. Our new President supports stem cell research, which brings relief and assurance to Bay Area which has some of the most extensive stem cell research labs. President Obama also supports abortion measures. I appreciate all the measures and also his thoughts on tax respite of tax payers. Although I am not sure about the details but a respite is a good one. One worry for Californians is that the state is going bankrupt so probably no Tax refund checks coming in near future. We are supposedly the richest state in US. Rich going bankrupt- Oxymoron. But this one is no laughing matter to California residents.

What a week this has been. I have had loads of fun and loads of fodder for thoughts too. The blog world has been very active and I feel so outdated and need to gobble all the information. Indian politics is not much different from personal and social politics- arrogance, drama, bad mouthing and being judgmental about everything but self. I have enough matters around my social networks which make me go yikks… But the Indian politics is turning real filmy as of now. And a real C-grade one for that.
But when was it not?


Goofy Mumma said...

Welcome back Mini, really missed you around here. But happy to know that you had a great eventful week. Keep it going, and keep blogging. I need to know more details of the partyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ma'am.

Piper .. said...

musical venture in the pipelines!! want details on that! :)
I missed the pre-inaugural concert. But wasnt the speech awesome! Oh how I wish we had someone like him back home. Imagine the drama going on in politics! I have been meaning to take up your tag. Just being plain lazy.
Hope you`re feeling better now. Shall email you at length..

odessa said...

i feel the same way about the Philippine politics, just one over-the-top soap opera. and the sad thing is, i don't even care anymore.

on the bright side, i'm really excited about the new Obama administration. its a good feeling to believe in a President at last.

Spontaneous Mini said...

@ GM- I am going thu a writer's block just not able to sit and brood with my pen and paper.

@Piper- Ohh Yaa! Out President sure gives me a lot of hope.

@ Odessa- Its so difficult to say I dont care because it does affect people I care for. Then in general terms it affects, women and progessive ideologies. I am not sure if Philippines has religious disputes but Indian politico goons are overstepping on every walk of life and it is so insulting as a Nation.

Indian Home Maker said...

Mini I have been so upset and we are only getting bad news about these Indian Talibans... they have admitted on National Television that they did right and would do the same again.

What's happening to this country! And there are people who support these attacks on young girls. In India today you can commit any crime so long as you chant 'Bharat mata ki jai!'

I fear worse is going o follow.

Goofy Mumma said...

A tag awaits you on my blog.

roopscoop said...

oyeieie texas be the richest, homie!! heh how are ya!