Monday, July 23, 2012

Blogaholic and Blue CuPcAkeS!!

I am still a blogaholic!
Just because I did not blog for a while does not mean I havnt thought about this blog. It is constantly on my mind. Because isn't this the place where I plan to write my opinions, thoughts, personal judgements and vent-a-rants!
But it has been hectic.
Its little over 100 days since we moved to our new house and did you know it is not a easy job to turn a house into a warm and cozy home. well, that is what I have been upto lately. I am enjoying, looking at the garden from the kitchen window while I wash Champ's bottles and spoons. I spend lot of time staring at the fragrant lemons and apricots hanging from the trees. I watch the hummingbirds zoom across the shared fences and make me wonder whether any of my neighor is witnessing nature's joy as I am.
Its wonderful and feels surreal but its been 3 months already.
I have also been busy cooking. Of course the regular course as well as hefty cooking show worth ones. Since May there have been quite a few rounds of House Warming parties and then the wonderful month of June. Champ celebrated his 1st Birthday, with not just one party. So it has been pretty busy at this corner.
I think I hosted the last of the big bashes the past Saturday and now, I heave a sigh of relief. Have some music practices going and then will start preps for Pujo.

I leave you with the pic of the 3 tier cupcake stand from Champ's Birthday Party.


Manish Raj said...

You did that cake ? Wow !

Have always liked your posts.. keep it coming !!

odessa said...

Hey Lady,
It's been awhile. I'm catching up to your posts. Happy birthday to your little one. Those cupcakes look yummy! :)