Friday, January 18, 2013

Champ is 19 months old - already!!

Champ and I have been alone for the last 1 week. I mean he has not seen any other person, but me for the last one week. the only other faces are the video chats with my ma and mashi and of course the tv. But he has picked up a lot  in the last few days. Probably because I have given him a lot of time and I mean real quality time. I have been looking after him 24x7 since last week. usually, his father takes charge in the evening and does the last evening duties and spending some time with his son. But this past week we have bonded like never before and I love him and he loves and trusts me even more, if that is possible. This time had been very tiring but beautiful for me.

Two weeks ago the doctor's and our concern was that his speech is not as developed for a 18 month old and we could seek some speech therapy to see if there is anything to worry about. While he likes to copy my actions like opening cabinets to folding my arms and frowning at him, to holding a ladle while stirring a pot and jumping to strike a bhangra pose (yes he has been doing that too). He has developed a love for stairs but has the smart sense to never do it if he does not see me around. He only ventures to the stairs when he knows that I am looking at him. Even when he is running at lightening speed he stops in front of the vacuum cleaner wires crosses it safely and then starts running like a mad once again. Its the same with laptop wires. So I know he is thinking smart and is very careful.
But as soon as it comes to repeating words he seemed disinterested. This baby who loves music so much that he actually hums the musical compositions when I practice but he will not pick on the lyrics… so he knows the tune of lullabies and ABC songs and few more that I keep repeating for him he taps his feet with the rhythm and hums lightly but no words. I have been trying to teach him eyes-ears-nose what seems like eternity to no vail (dnt mind the use of an archaic word). So I knew as soon as his baba is back from his official trip we will checkout the therapy places.

While I took over his daddy's good night duties in his absence, decided to read a book with him very night. I picked Dr. Suess " Ten Apples Up on Top" not so much for Champ but more for me. I love to read Dr. Suess aloud and this one was easy and repetitive for Champ too. He actually loved it and while I read it to him I realized he kept saying six, seven again and again. So I knew that he was learning and picking up things but on his "terms". SO I just kept saying and talking to myself instead of talking to him and sang and read and talked by myself this past few days. Then suddenly yesterday as I was singing "yashodha ka nandlala" for him, I heard zu zu zu hums that was not me and just like that he actually hummed a song with its lyrics :-) I was surprised, but more like ecstatic and since have been trying all sorts of words and he has been responding beautifully. This morning during our mornin-mornin games in bed he said eyes, nose, ears with playful actions. He was so cute to watch I almost crushed him with my hugs and kisses. There has been loads of developments since. I am loving it and so is my boy.

I leave you with one of his creations on my phone.
What do you think of his talent as a photographer?


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